District police detectives are looking for at least two men who hail cabs in the city so they can rob the drivers.

Since mid-October, police have received 11 reports of cabdrivers being robbed or carjacked, and they think the same men are responsible for at least some of the incidents, said Cmdr. George Kucik, who heads the department’s Criminal Investigations Division.

In many cases, Kucik said, the robbers use the same tactic: They enter the cab posing as travelers in need of a ride and then rob the driver. Because of that — and because many of the robberies happened in close proximity to one another — investigators think a small group is responsible for at least some of the cases, Kucik said.

In a news release, police also said many of the robberies had occurred near Metro stations. Kucik declined to say which ones.

“We do believe that some of them are potentially linked to the same group doing it,” Kucik said. “There are similarities to a lot of them.”

Kucik said the robberies have involved two to four men, although a woman appeared to be involved in one incident. In some cases, he said, they show a weapon; in others, they don’t.

In some cases, he said, the cabdrivers were carjacked. Kucik declined to give precise details of each incident, saying that doing so could compromise the investigation.

The most recent robbery occurred this week, he said.

Anyone with information about the robberies is asked to call the police at 202-727-9099 or 888-919-2746. Tipsters can also text information to police by sending a message to the number 50411.

In a news release, police also advised people to call 911 should they see any cab with its emergency 911 beacon activated.