A vacant three-story home in Northwest D.C. partially collapsed Saturday morning police and fire officials said. No injuries were reported.

Police closed down a portion of the 1200 block of 10th St. NW while utilities officials inspected the building and authorities searched for anyone who might have been trapped inside.

A representative for the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs was also on the scene to determine whether the house, part of which fell onto the residence next door, would need to be fully torn down.

Leonard Russell, 37, who lives next door to the collapsed structure, was taking a nap when a loud noise woke him up.

“I actually thought that someone was banging on my front door when the building hit,” Russell.

He said he hopes that the collapse will put an end to the squatters he has seen coming in and out of the dilapidated building almost daily.

“We’ve made several calls for individuals coming in having sex, drinking, drugging,” Russell said.