A D.C. police sergeant pleaded guilty Monday in D.C. Superior Court to one count of felony theft in connection with stealing $40,005 from an 83-year-old woman after having told bank officials that the woman had memory loss and did not remember writing the checks.

Sgt. Aisha Hackley, 36, faces up to 15 years in prison for the thefts that occurred between February and May before her arrest in June.

According to prosecutors, Hackley met the victim in December after the police sergeant contacted the woman to follow up on a report the woman had filed alerting authorities that her bank account was being targeted by a lottery scam.

Prosecutors said that instead of helping the woman, Hackley began stealing from her. Between February and May, Hackley cashed 14 checks made payable to herself, under the alias Aisha Jackson, as well as to her son, Kevin Jackson. On the memo line of some of the checks, prosecutors said, Hackley wrote that the checks were for “security services.”

The retiree, of the 1200 block of Quebec Street NW, contacted Bank of America on or about May 31 after noticing some suspicious checks in her account activity. She later told a fraud investigator that the signature on eight of the checks was not hers, that she would not have authorized the checks for the amounts written and that she did not know Aisha Jackson or Kevin Jackson, according to court records.

Hackley told bank investigators that the victim suffered from short-term memory loss and did not remember writing the checks.

A search warrant targeting Hackley’s Oxon Hill home turned up several blank checks from the victim’s account, copies of checks that had been made out to Aisha Jackson, bank account statements and documents that included the victim’s Social Security number, birthdate and bank balances.

As part of the plea agreement, Hackley, who had been based in the 2nd Police District and on the force since 2000, must resign. Hackley also has to repay the money within three days of receiving her pension after her resignation.

Hackley is scheduled to turn herself in to authorities when she is sentenced Oct. 17 by Judge Ronna L. Beck.