Best known for: Establishing the “Blue Button” system that allows veterans to use the Web site to print copies or download digital files of their health data, providing instant access to critical information and promoting personal management of their own health care.

Unlike electronic medical records that are owned and controlled by doctors, the health records available through the Department of Veterans Affair’s Blue Button system are owned and controlled by the individual. This allows patients to take their health records from appointment to appointment, and from doctor to doctor. The data can provide doctors with quick access to patient medications, allergies and medical histories, and can make a big difference in a medical emergency.

Government service: Nazi, (pronounced “Na-Z”), began her VA career in 1983 as a medical technologist and served in numerous positions, including knowledge management officer and director of e-Health for Veterans Integrated Service Network. She was promoted to a national position in the health informatics office in 2006.

Biggest challenge: Constantly making changes and upgrades to the Blue Button health information system while simultaneously coordinating and collaborating with multiple agencies and stakeholders to ensure that everyone understands what is taking place and is in agreement on the course of action.

Quote: “Intuitively, we recognize the critical importance of timely access to personal health information and the positive impact that this can have on informed decision-making and care coordination. The Blue Button system provides critical access to this data for individuals.”

From the Partnership for Public Service

Kim M. Nazi: Senior Analyst, Veterans and Consumers Health Informatics Office, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)