Dave Anderson, a political theorist who raises money to give college students Washington internships as his day job, says he’s the the “least liberal” candidate in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District Race. Here are five other things to know about him:

A grateful travel companion

He can say ”thank you” in 35 languages, including “AH-mah-say-guh-NAH-loh” in the Amharic language of Ethi­o­pia and “Terima kasih” in Malaysian. He added ‘Vi ish tah’ to the list after discovering he was saying “annyong” to Mongolian staff at one of his favorite Korean restaurants.

Like Olivia Pope, but on PBS

Anderson’s taught classes on six campuses, most recently a scandal management, ethics and public policy class at Johns Hopkins. But the class title was misleading, possibly leaving some students expecting juicy stories about affairs and corruption dissapointed by the dry ethics reading.

Judaism: He’s proud of his Jewish roots, tracing on his mother’s side to the Kimchi Talmudic scholars of the Middle Ages. He met his wife at a Jewish Community Center,a nd they are members of the Adat Shalom Congregation, a Reconstructionist synagogue in Bethesda. He was a board member of the Washington chapter of the American Jewish Committee between 2002 and 2012.

Couldn’t beat ‘em, so he joined ‘em: The South Jersey native was third baseman on the 1973 New Jersey champion senior league team, which went on to lose to the Maryland state champions at regionals. He’s also penned a column arguing Montgomery County residents should be rooting for the Baltimore Orioles instead of the Washington Nationals.

Not a bad campaign slogan either: His first job was a gardening business with his brother all for years of high school. Their slogan? “We trim your lawn, not your pockets”