Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that Barry had a lung transplant in 2009. Barry had a kidney transplant. This version has been corrected.

D.C. Councilman Marion Barry (Linda Davidson/THE WASHINGTON POST)

D.C. Council member Marion Barry was released from Howard University Hospital on Wednesday afternoon, one day after he said he was admitted for low blood sugar.

Barry, a 77-year-old diabetic, announced his departure from the hospital the same way he’d announced his arrival Tuesday: via Twitter.

“Real talk: Diabetes is a *itch,” Barry (D-Ward 8) wrote about 2:30 p.m. “BUT I’M BACK! Much love for all the prayers and well wishes, MB. Thank you Howard University. I love you all!”

A day earlier, the former mayor tweeted that a city ambulance had transported him to the hospital after he became faint.

“I’m a 20 year diabetic,” he wrote. “Today, my sugar dipped below normal, and I was taken to the hospital by the fire dept., but nothing life-threatening.”

Barry’s staff confirmed Tuesday night he was in the hospital, but refused to identify which one, citing privacy. Only after Barry tweeted his departure did his staff reveal that he’s spent the night at Howard University Hospital.

LaToya Foster, Barry’s communications director, said in an interview Wednesday afternoon that the council member was now “home resting, in great spirits.”

Barry, of course, was more forthcoming on Twitter. “It appears fast acting novolog insulin may be a bit strong so my doc is switching me to long release lantis,” Barry wrote Wednesday afternoon, a reference to his medication.

Barry, who has battled prostate cancer and had a kidney transplant in 2009, later attempted to offer health advice to his 8,672 Twitter followers.

He wrote, “Half and half” “wings with mumbo sauce” “number 2 combo super sized” “steak and cheese, extra mayo” <---words that may sound good but kill.”

In recent years, Barry has been hospitalized with greater frequency.

In May, the council member was hospitalized after suffering a blood clot while in Las Vegas for a convention. He also was hospitalized in January 2012 for minor surgery for a urinary tract infection.

A month later, Barry fell ill after Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s State of the District speech. An ambulance was called, but later canceled. Barry said at the time his blood sugar had dropped, but he felt better as soon as he ate.