D.C. Council candidate Elissa Silverman released her 2012 tax returns on Tuesday, one day after a Washington City Paper columnist asked the candidates in the race for an at-large seat to make the information public.

In a Washington City Paper debate, Loose Lips columnist Alan Suderman asked the five candidate in attendance if they would be willing to share their returns.

Suderman noted two former council members - Harry Thomas Jr. and Kwame R. Brown - were forced to step down from the council after facing criminal charges related to their personal finances.

Democratic candidates Silverman, Matthew Frumin, and Paul Zukerberg and Statehood Green Party Perry Redd agreed, somewhat reluctantly.

Republican candidate Patrick Mara also hesitated, but eventually said he would also release the information if all the other candidates did. Council member Anita Bonds (D-At large), who is trying to retain the seat in the April 23 special election, did not attend the City Paper debate.

At-Large DC council candidate Elissa Silverman (Amanda Voisard /Amanda Voisard )

Silverman issued a statement Tuesday afternoon announcing she has placed her 2012 returns on her Web site.

“Each of the candidates running in this race is promising to restore the public trust that has been so badly damaged by all the recent scandal,” Silverman said. “That trust can only be restored through transparency -- by elected officials who are open and honest about who they are and where they’re coming from when they enter into public life.”

Silverman added, “I hope that other candidates will join in this opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to transparency and integrity in D.C. government.”

Silverman, a policy analyst at the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute, reported an adjusted gross income of $66,848, including $1,140 in earnings from a property management business based in her home.

It’s unclear if any other candidates will follow Silverman’s lead and also release their returns. It’s rare for any city politician, much less a council candidate, to release tax returns.

But Mara has faced some questions about how he’s earned a living after he stopped lobbying on Capitol Hill in 2008.

Bonds has also been criticized for not giving up her job as an executive at Ft. Myer Construction Corp, a large city contractor, when she joined the council in December. Bonds vows she will leave the post if she wins the special election.

Bonds has filed for an extension with the Internal Revenue Service, so she will not be releasing returns, said her spokesman, Jermaine House.

In other campaign news, the candidates released their final campaign finance report sbefore next week’s election.

Bonds raised the most over the past month, collecting $71,000. She reported just $21,000 in the bank, having already spent about $100,000 on her campaign.

Mara has raised $139,000 for his campaign, including $63,587 during the last reporting period. As of Monday at midnight, Mara still had $82,676 for the final week of the campaign.

Silverman raised about $28,000 during the period with about $42,000 remaining. Frumin reported about $37,000 in the bank after collecting $26,000 over the past month.