After she was caught on camera for what some have called a botched parking job near the U.S. Capitol, D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) has an explanation.

The Wednesday parking debacle was caught on video as Norton tried to park — poorly, say some — between two cars along New Jersey Avenue SE, between the Cannon and Longworth House Office buildings, according to Roll Call.

On Thursday, Norton spoke up about the incident.

She told FOX5 that she was running behind for a TV interview and that she doesn’t normally park in that area. Construction, she said, also caused her to make an unfamiliar move.

“Don’t worry! I have signed up for parking lessons, and I’m even thinking about upgrading to one of those self-parking cars,” Norton said.

In the nearly-two-minute-long video, Norton, 77, is seen trying to squeeze her silver sedan into a spot that sits at an angle. She tries to park straight.

On Wednesday, Norton’s office had confirmed the poor parking.

“Fortunately, the congresswoman did not have a parking mishap,” said Benjamin Fritsch, Norton’s communications director. After Norton finished parking, Fritsch said, they assessed the two cars on either side of Norton’s sedan.

“We did not see any damages,” Fritsch added, “but left a business card and a note so the congresswoman could be reached.”

Norton’s staff said the cars next to her did not report any damage, and Capitol Police said no report was made.

Helena Andrews contributed to this report.