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D.C. elections board gives voters the wrong date for the primary

A man casts his ballot in Washington’s Columbia Heights neighborhood on Nov. 8, 2016.
A man casts his ballot in Washington’s Columbia Heights neighborhood on Nov. 8, 2016. (Oliver Contreras for The Washington Post)
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D.C. officials have sent 5,000 voter registration cards listing the wrong date for the District’s primary election, the elections board acknowledged Friday.

Mailers with voter registration cards incorrectly stated that primary elections are held on the third Tuesday in June. The primary is June 2.

“We regret the error and will correct it in all future communications,” the D.C. Board of Elections said Friday.

LaDawne White, a board spokeswoman, said Friday that she could not answer questions about how the error occurred and when the mailer was printed.

The District is one of the last to vote in the Democratic presidential primary, while the Democratic primaries in key council races are tantamount to the general election in a deep-blue city.

The date of D.C. primary elections has long been a source of confusion because local leaders are regularly changing it. They have been held in various points in April, June and September over the past decade.

The D.C. elections board has also made substantial errors before on materials.

In 2014, the board mailed out a voter guide with an upside-down flag and gave conflicting explanations as to why.

Elections officials also failed to include “postage required” on envelopes for absentee ballots ahead of the November 2018 general election, although the U.S. Postal Service said it would still deliver unstamped ballots.

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