Voters in the District of Columbia are choosing an at-large council member in a special election Tuesday . They also will vote on a charter amendment to allow the D.C. government to spend money raised locally without Congressional approval.

Polls are open until 8 p.m. For information about where to vote, visit the D.C. Board of Elections.

Candidates for the at-large council seat have struggled to win supporters in an election that is likely to draw only about 10 percent of registered voters to the polls. Patrick Mara, the sole Republican candidate, has faced criticism over a fundraising agreement with a think tank. Meanwhile, Democratic candidates are concerned about dividing their supporters. One of them, Elissa Silverman, tried earlier this month to persuade opponent Matthew Frumin to leave the race. For more on the candidates’ views, read their answers to several questions about issues in the District here.

The charter amendment is likely to pass, but if it does, Congress could reassert its authority through legislation or try to block the amendment in court.

The Post’s editorial board has endorsed the charter amendment and Patrick Mara for the council seat. The board stressed “the importance of showing up at the polls” to cast a ballot in an election “in which several hundred votes could decide the outcome.”

Coverage of the D.C. Council special election.