Lynwood Lewis won the Democratic Party nomination Saturday for the Virginia senate seat held by lieutenant governor- elect Ralph Northam (D).

Lewis, a member of the House of Delegates, received 55 per cent of the vote cast at polling places across the district in a party nominating caucus, according to a party spokesman.

A special election is to be held to fill Northam’s seat in the senate, which is divided 20-20 between Democrats and Republicans.

Operatives in both parties have indicated that the seat is potentially competitive but leans Democratic.

Lewis, 51, said he anticipated “running a vigorous campaign.”

“I look forward to continuing our dedication to bipartisan solutions in Richmond,” Lewis said in a statement. He said he would continue to work with Democrats and Republicans on such matters as job creation and improving woman and children’s health.

A native of Nassawadox, on the Eastern Shore, he also indicated a desire to decrease the cost of tolls and preserve the Chesapeake Bay.