We asked:

The debt ceiling agreement has no immediate affect on federal workers, but in the coming months some changes may be in store on issues including retirement benefits and agency belt-tightening. How are you preparing? Are you and family making any changes financially to brace for possible economic effects?

You said:

I am expecting and preparing for a government shutdown, perhaps as soon as the start of the new fiscal year. The immediate cuts agreed upon have to be apportioned to specific agencies and departments. What are the chances of that happening in September when Congress finally returns from recess? Zero.

What are the chances that the Republicans in the House will approve a continuing resolution that calls for spending at current fiscal year levels when budgets in fiscal year 12 are going to be cut? Slim to none. Thus we have the makings of another standoff in just 60 days. I encourage everyone to put money in an envelope every payday to prepare for the possibility of no paycheck. If things work out, the worst that could happen is you have funds for a vacation get away!

Greg DuRoss

Federal Emergency Management Agency

I have 32 years of federal service. Earlier this year I applied for a senior position with the Department of Defense to make myself available to serve taxpayers with extensive skill sets and a doctoral education. There were 10 veterans who applied, so I was delighted they got priority consideration.

After the onslaught of congressional attacks against federal employees, as well as relentless attacks on benefits, I am going to retire. There are multiple educational and professional organizations seeking my involvement. They will not involve relentless attacks about my credibility.

Sadly, the taxpayers are the losers in this equation. Congressional members like to demonize federal employees and claim superiority. The truth is, people with my background wouldn’t run for office these days. Why don’t real leaders run for public office these days? Not a chance! At least none with any sense.

Name withheld