Former mayor Adrian M. Fenty has bounced back in popularity, according to a new poll by The Washington Post and Kaiser Family Foundation.

But Fenty had no comment on his significant comeback: 56 percent of registered voters now say they approve of the way he did his job as mayor. Just before he lost the Democratic primary to Vincent C. Gray last September, a Washington Post poll showed a 47 percent approval rating.

Fenty is now on the speakers’ circuit, telling crowds about his tenure, particularly taking over public education. And he’s still a triathlete: He ran a race over the weekend.

D.C. Wire caught up with the former mayor by text message Monday. “I’m not going to comment at this time but thanks for asking,” Fenty said of the survey.

But D.C. Wire also wondered whether he was considering a possible comeback campaign. The last four digits of what we thought was a new phone number are 2014.

Fenty called the number a coincidence, and said it’s not a new number.

“Funny,” Fenty wrote, “it’s an old number.”

Well, if it’s coincidence, it’s convenient.

Stay tuned.