After sitting empty for eight months, a new Fairfax County fire station will finally be put to use, fire officials announced Tuesday.

The Wolf Trap station at 1315 Beulah Road, Vienna, has been idle since it was finished in February, at a cost of $11.3 million, because there wasn’t enough money left in the county budget to staff it, officials said.

The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department now says it will be able to open the 14,000-square-foot station next month – or more than a year sooner than officials expected when a tepid economy forced the county to cut about $4.2 million out of its current fiscal year budget.

A budget surplus allowed officials earlier this month to approve $2.5 million toward accelerating the opening, officials said.

Until July, the station will function with one engine company and an Emergency Medical Services supervisor, Fire and Rescue officials said in a press release. After that, the department will begin adding more units to the four-bay station, the release said.

The station’s opening is expected to relieve some of the burden taken on by nearby stations, particularly at Tysons Corner, officials said.

A grand opening ceremony for the Wolf Trap station is scheduled for Nov. 2.