Virginia has 766 laws that take effect today. Here is a partial list of the state’s House and Senate bills:

Health care

HB 83/SB 544: Requires that information about breast density be sent to women with the results of their mammograms.

HB 462: Requires women to undergo ultrasounds before they have abortions.


HB 9 /SB 1: Requires voters who show up at the polls without their identification to vote provisionally and to later provide ID before their ballots will be counted. Also will greatly expand the acceptable identification to include such documents as student ID cards, government checks and utility bills.


HB 940/SB 323: Repeals the state’s one-per-month limit on handgun purchases.

Public safety

HB 279/SB 378: Requires all convicted drunk drivers to have an ignition interlock device, forcing them to pass a breath test before their cars can start.

HB 973/SB 436: Imposes mandatory minimum life sentences on adults who rape a child younger than 13.

HB 3/HB 970/HB 1237: Inspired by the child sex-abuse scandal at Penn State, the laws spell out who is required to report suspected child abuse, reduce the deadline to report and increase punishment for those who did not do so.


HB1248: Sells naming rights to roads and bridges.


HB 1107/SB 656: Requires school boards to establish policies for keeping epinephrine pens on hand at every school so that a school nurse or employee can administer it to students having an anaphylactic reaction.


HB189/SB349: Allows private adoption agencies to turn away parents based on religious and moral beliefs.

HB1291: Reorganizes executive branch of government, deregulating some industries and consolidating some boards.

HB 300 / SB 354: Provides $200 grants to registered beekeepers for every new hive.

HB 33/SB 242: Prohibits the use of mandatory project labor agreements for state-funded projects in Virginia.

Maryland has 223 new laws taking effect today. Here is a partial list:


SB1302: Bumps up income taxes on rates paid by single-filers reporting income in excess of $100,000 and joint filers reporting more than $150,000; increases the tax on certain tobacco products, including little cigars and chewing tobacco.

HB 444/SB 294: Exempts from the state estate tax up to $5 million of qualified agricultural property if it passes to a recipient who agrees to continue using it for farming.


HB 446: Doubles the “flush tax” on most Marylanders to $60 annually to benefit upgrades to wastewater treatment plants and other Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts.

HB 987: Requires localities to fund projects to cut polluted runoff from roads, buildings and parking lots.

SB 236: Requires counties to adopt rules to limit new housing developments served by septic systems, especially ones in areas dominated by farmland and forestland.


HB 803: Authorizes the Prince George’s County Board of Education to operate one or more schools within the county on a year-round basis.

HB 1080: Requires the State Board of Education to develop a model policy for preseason-practice heat acclimatization guidelines for student athletes.


HB 228/SB 755: Allows an individual in a restaurant, club or hotel with a Class B or Class C alcoholic beverages license to consume wine not bought from or provided by the restaurant or facility under certain conditions.

HB 690: Repeals the prohibition in Montgomery County on the issuance of Class H beer and light wine licenses in Damascus and submits the law to a referendum of the voters.