Right about now there are probably a few things on which most of us can agree. First, we’re glad this election is over. Second, we need to find a way to work together to keep our country strong.

Some will be so inspired by President Obama’s reelection that they will decide to pursue government service. If that includes you, I suggest keeping an eye on some of these agencies for possible employment:

Departments of Labor and Commerce and the Small Business Administration: The president has said his focus is on creating jobs and businesses. More emphasis is likely to be placed on these agencies because they will be working to spur employment, training and economic development. Each also has sub agencies such as the Employment and Training Administration, Veterans Employment and Training Services, Economic Development Administration and the Minority Business Development Agency. They will probably play a more important role. This could mean more positions or more grants, financing or contracts.

Department of Veterans Affairs: Obama has been heavily focused on veterans. There’s been improvement, but more work is ahead to make sure veterans receive the care and benefits they deserve. There are jobs for health care, management and technology professionals, for example. There is also a focus on veteran employment.

Department of Homeland Security: From Immigration and Customs Enforcement to the Transportation Security Administration, Homeland Security will continue to provide hiring opportunities.

Department of Defense: As we reduce our military footprint in Afghanistan, the focus will be more on special operations and low-intensity conflicts. This means using more specialized units such as Navy SEALS, Army Delta, Green Berets, Rangers and Marine Special Operations. Support staff will be needed. Also expect more emphasis on our maritime strategy, and for cybersecurity opportunities to grow.

Intelligence: In a dangerous world, intelligence agencies will remain a priority.

International affairs: Agencies such as the State Department, U.S. Agency for International Development, International Trade Administration, Foreign Commercial Service, Bureau of Industry and Security, the Export-Import Bank and others will be important.

Energy and education: These issues discussed extensively during the campaign could mean opportunities from the Energy and Education departments.

Not each of these agencies will hire huge numbers of workers, but they are Obama priorities and that means they may end up as opportunities for you.

Dortch is president of the Diversa Group, which specializes in federal employment.