Virginia Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R) talks with Jessica L. Brooks (L) Special Assistant Chief Jobs Creation Office, inside Manassas City Hall on December 7, 2011. (Tracy A. Woodward/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Sometimes false alarms have a silver lining. Ask any schoolkid who gets a snow day for a blizzard that never comes. Or ask Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling of Virginia and his wife, Jean Ann.

With Isaac threatening to blow in, a political dinner they were set to attend Sunday night got scratched. The couple suddenly found themselves at loose ends, doing things they rarely have time for between Bolling’s duties as lieutenant governor, insurance man (LG is just a part-time gig in Virginia), candidate for governor in 2013 (one already battling a fierce primary rival in Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II), and chairman of Mitt Romney’s Virginia campaign.

Under the last of those hats, Bolling certainly was not cheering the hurricane scare that led the Republican National Convention to scrap all of Monday’s events. But as a hyper-extended human being, one who even with Monday’s cancellation spoke at a delegation breakfast and did string of interviews, it had an upside.

That’s because Bill and Jean Ann Bolling, who married in 1978, had a night out in the Tampa area as a couple.

“We actually saw a movie, the first movie we’ve seen all year,” said Jean Ann.

It was “Hope Springs,” about a long-married couple trying to rekindle the flame.

The Bollings also dined out at a crab shack called Crabby Bill’s, where a sign out front reads: “RNC yes, Isaac no.” Jean Ann said her Bill was not the least bit crabby.