Doubt surrounds streetcar project

Leif Dormsjo, acting director of the District Department of Transportation, on Friday declined to promise that the city’s troubled streetcar line serving the H Street and Benning Road corridor will eventually open to passengers.

Dormsjo said an outside review by the American Public Transportation Association, an industry group, and the District’s State Safety Oversight Office will help determine whether there are “fatal flaws” in the project.

At his confirmation hearing, Dormsjo said he cannot “eliminate the idea that it might not be in the public interest to move forward,” although, he said, he intends to “responsibly advance the segment.”

He said he was brought in not to kill a transit project but to fix it. Dormsjo said streetcars would probably stop rolling along H Street and Benning Road for some time as improvements are made.

— Michael Laris

Man charged in fatal shooting in Northeast

An arrest was made Friday in a fatal shooting last month in Northeast Washington.

D.C. Police said Kalif Brown, 21, of Southeast, was charged with felony murder while armed in the Feb. 16 shooting of Rico Myers, 25, of Northeast. in the 6100 block of Clay Street.

— Peter Hermann

Smoke shop robbed amid Thursday snow

Neither snow nor cold nor hipness appeared enough to save a smoke shop in the H Street corridor from armed robbery Thursday, according to police.

Two men held up Island Dyes in the 300 block of H Street NE during the storm, D.C. police said. Seeming to shun such advertised wares as “righteous tie dies” and “bodacious hats,” they took what police said was “an undetermined amount of cash.”

— Martin Weil

Pr. William students charged in LSD case

Six students at Patriot High School in Prince William County were accused of possession of LSD and prescription drugs, authorities said.

Two ninth-graders, one 10th-grader, two 11th-graders and one 12th-grader were charged as juveniles.

The county police said in a statement that a staff member at the Nokesville school overheard students talking and told a police officer posted there. The officer pulled a student from class and found several tabs of the hallucinogen, police said.

A police spokesman said further investigation led to fivc more arrests Feb. 25.

— Julie Zauzmer