Police, who are searching landfills, said they have not been able to verify that recorded account.

In gentrifying D.C., what happens next in the Northeast neighborhood will reveal the city’s priorities.

At heated session with D.C. Council, agency director acknowledges problems, says some claimants may have lost eligibility.

I’m looking forward to Brood X — and to your poems about them.

The group Babuk is threatening to make more information public if D.C. refuses to pay.

Some say propping up United Medical Center is vital to the community, even though many Ward 8 residents won’t go there.

The victim was identified as a 43-year-old Maryland man.

You’ll really get your words’ worth with this column on regional English.

Investigators have released little information about Kyon Jones, who was last seen Wednesday.

With caseloads declining, concerts, sports venues can return to full capacity June 11.

Red up and then wash down that hot’cha with some water from the bubbler.

The city’s employment services director is expected to testify before a frustrated D.C. Council on Wednesday.

Rainbows showed up where showers gave way in time.

Three-term chairman said he wants to focus more on D.C. Public Schools system.

In a neighborhood with vast wealth gaps and no playground, housing tensions threaten plans to build a recreation center at a long-closed school.

Alejandro Diasgranados hopes to prepare his students to be leaders by ensuring they understand history.

Michael Fanone was dragged into a crowd, beaten unconscious and suffered a heart attack.

Is it a “drop cord” or an “extension cord,” a “gumband” or a “rubber band”?

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser says statehood for the city is a matter of voting representation.

The family of the man killed contests the police account.

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