Police said a juvenile male also was wounded in the shooting in the Shipley neighborhood

Maeve McKean and 8-year-old son Gideon, probably died when they tried to retrieve a ball in a canoe, David McKean says in a grieving Facebook post.

The D.C. government’s model projects a late June, early July peak, while others say the peak is days away.

Psychiatric facilities and the city’s halfway house can’t protect people from covid-19, advocates say.

While public education funding has not changed, charters say they are incurring extra costs during the school closures.

D.C. officials promised a new site last summer. Instead, they have a balky, outdated one from the early 2000s.

These were among incidents reported by D.C. police.

The exception to the ban on cameras in the courtroom does not guarantee access for the public or news media.

Two occupants were not injured, and no arrest has been made, police said.

Not even the coronavirus can stop open houses, in-house inspections and in-person closings.

A judge gave Immigration and Customs Enforcement seven days to improve health conditions for 1,350 detainees, saying the Constitution requires safe and sanitary conditions for prisoners.

“It’s just been such a surreal experience to see how an event like this could decimate an entire segment of the economy,” an employee said.

The White House’s failures contrast with generally favorable action by Congress and the Federal Reserve.

On Friday, D.C. families learn the results of the competitive school lottery system.

No injuries were reported in any of the three — one in the District and two in Maryland.

Marquis Osborne, 21, was fatally shot near the Waterfront Metro station on Wednesday afternoon

Industry and union officials say workers are taking precautions and following federal guidelines.

The temperature was 70, but the sky didn’t always look the part.

George Valentine served as the deputy director of Muriel E. Bowser’s office of legal counsel. He was the fourth covid-19 fatality in the District.

“I don’t think it’s safe for people to crowd into a grocery store to shop,” one grocer said.

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