Most patients in the poorest ward don’t have a doctor they see close to home, a city report finds.

Betty Boo, a 3-year-old cat, is available.

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Among cases handled by the Humane Rescue Alliance.

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He wrote “HYPT MAEK” on a pillar at the monument.

The suspect believed his stepbrother had cooperated with police, authorities said.

The man was extradited to the District and charged in a July shooting that left one person dead and another wounded.

Teen was allegedly attacked on the station platform last week.

BUYING NEW | The residences have big closets, high ceilings, spa bathrooms and more.

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Dave Chappelle and John Oliver are funny guys, but they got the entire country tweeting about a school system with huge challenges and disparities.

A Washington Post investigation found that the act provided leniency to hundreds of young-adult offenders who went on to rob, rape or murder in recent years.

Five Texas school districts remain closed as they attempt to repair buildings.

He was employed at Massage Envy on Wisconsin Avenue.

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Arcade Fire arrived in Washington on Saturday as "the undefeated, undisputed heavyweight champions of the world."

Police said two vehicles hit head-on in an early morning crash.

Reid, who is 26, said she wants to engage millennials.

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