District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue in May were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Baldwin Crescent, 2460-Glenn E. Anderson III and Carol Ann King to Edward Sung and Jennifer E. Kim, $700,000.

Crittenden St., 1025-Rochelle Denise Ware to Donald Matthew and Michelle Inez Larson, $499,000.

Douglas St., 4440-Andrea T. Hill to David W. Hill, $266,000.

Elliott St., 615-Matthew T. and Sara M. Saxton to Kevin Jeffrey Contreras and Jaclyn Nicole Wheeler, $815,550.

H St., 1721-Shalina R. Ford to Alexander Pipas and Maxine Kraemer, $595,000.

Maryland Ave., 708-Marther Thomas Doneghy to Samuel Owen and Natalya Bull, $615,000.

Monroe St., 1619-Jacqueline West McGlen to David Mooney, $600,000.

Neal St., 1144-Jessica M. Brand and Adam J. Pan to Jonathan L. Backer and Lila Rebecca Miller, $821,000.

Orren St., 1225-Minnie Pearl Long to Dominic Competti, $530,000.

Peabody St., 203-Barbara A. Redd and Vivian J. Harriday to Nathaniel Joy, $340,000.

Quincy St., 1029-Veronica E. Peirson to Rebecca C. Szymkowicz and Robert Scialli, $542,000.

Taylor St., 1300-Robert J. and Guinevere Seaward Shore to Stephen Horton Gern and Poojitha Regulapati, $760,000.

Third St., 440-Caleb P. and Caroline E. Bergner to Bianca Ross, $799,000.

Ninth St., 801, No. 1-Jessica J. Mangskau to Nicholas and Alison N. Andrews, $638,500.

12th St., 3719, No. 1-Hubert M. and Sheena L. Reid to Nicholas J. Reid, $200,000.

47th Pl., 1038-Lloyd M. and Kaiser J. Braham to Shannon Talbert, $335,550.


Aberfoyle Pl., 3262-Jeffrey G. Landis to Daniel Antonio and Kathryn Boylan Dallasta, $1.24 million.

Appleton St., 3632-Malachy B. and Dana L. Nugent to Dawna J. and Michael J. Steelman, $1.55 million.

Beech St., 3231-Sheila M. Bamberger to Adam J. and Aretha C. DiClemente, $962,500.

Buchanan St., 1513-Brickfront Properties Corp. and Monique Milas to Ryann Reynolds Durant and Madison Morgan Smith, $922,500.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 1011W-Leda Trivinos to Margaret A. Byrne, $215,000.

Chesapeake St., 4500-George M. and Ann E. Gray to Jonathan Phaff Raviv and Carey Polis, $1.6 million.

Columbia Rd., 1851, No. 710-John E. Kelley to Patricia Nancy Woodcome, $425,000.

Davis Pl., 4114, No. 114-Estate of Mary Elizabeth Sullivan and Mark Sullivan to Moises Guillermo Granda Linares and Maria G. Ordaz-Delgado, $315,000.

Euclid St., 1759-Charles Randy Lemler to Jason C. Horner, $675,000.

Florida Ave., 241, No. 4-Lisa D. Ekman to Erika Cabezas and Nicholas Curtin, $490,000.

Foxhall Cres., 4601-Estate of Sylvia Eisner Danovitch and Linda Danovitch Bicks to Stephen Staff, $1.55 million.

Georgia Ave., 4702-James E. Bost to Thomas Porter and Emma Lynn Elms, $770,000.

Harvard St., 1613, No. 312-Sudhir H. and Marina Devalia to Brooke Schipporeit and Evan Marolf, $460,500.

Irving St., 1339-Philip M. Bender to David Flagg and Rachel Smith, $896,850.

Kilbourne Pl., 1813-Jessica A. Larson to Myra C. Jones-Taylor and Matthew B. Taylor, $1.43 million.

L St., 440, No. 602-TLM Investments Corp. to Nika Mirrafie, $450,000.

Lamont St., 732, No. 302-Allison G. Grossman to Melanie Beth Schwartz, $349,900.

Livingston St., 3236-Leslie M. Thompson to Michael James and Ashley Lynn Alderfer, $1.17 million.

M St., 925, No. 2-Rachel Kovner to Joel P. Johnson, $1.82 million.

Monroe St., 1857-Alexander & Craig Ventures Corp. to Ryan Spencer and Kelsey Powell Powers, $1.29 million.

N St., 1420, No. 615-Sewell Chan to Drita Tonuzi, $230,000.

Nevada Ave., 5921-Deborah Jean Chan Larkin to Russel P. and Elisabeth J.S. Thomas, $850,000.

O St., 2617-Jennifer A. and Michael Sussmann to James G. and Ashley Nettles, $1.3 million.

Ordway St., 2711, No. 211-Alfred J. Pisano to Daniela Todesco, $389,000.

Park Rd., 1332, No. A-Frank G. Dunn and Joseph A. Casazza to Anthony Frank Domenichiello and Christina Zavalij, $477,500.

Perry Pl., 1432-Patricia Wright to Robert Wetzel, $660,000.

Q St., 1615, No. 211-Nathaniel Nelson Stewart and Elissa Margaret Bradbury to Emily Kay Davis, $419,000.

Randolph Pl., 10-Estate of Kristin K. Leake and Erin T. Katz to Spencer Whalen and Bryann Dasilva, $875,000.

Reservoir Rd., 4434-Stephen E. Tobey and Julia A. Haidemenos to Alexis Adler and Mark Wilson, $969,000.

Rittenhouse St., 1000, No. 25-Connell Properties Group Corp. to Juliette E. Wilson, $395,000.

Sheridan St., 509-Titilayo Akinyoyenu to Hannah Abigail Kotler and Brian Patrick Epling, $620,000.

T St., 1833-John G. Seward to Charles Michael and Rachel Prior Guzak, $1.02 million.

Underwood Pl., 26-George S. Davis IV to Artis Craig Crum II and Natasha S. Bennett, $529,000.

V St., 1390, No. 223-Thomas Stephen Norcio to John R. Norcio, $446,000.

W St., 149, No. 13-Joshua J. Silverman to Simon Andres Miranda, $396,000.

Westover Pl., 4450-Estate of Bailey Morris Eck and Jonathan D. Eisner to Scott R. and Tara Hile, $1.14 million.

Woodley Pl., 2747-Jesus Soriano Molla and Corinne Graff to Sweta Shah and Michael Shipler, $1.53 million.

Yuma St., 4823-William M. and Courtney L. O’Shea to Merrick and Allyson Kranz, $1.02 million.

Third St., 4124-McKinley Battle to Morgan Easter and Jasen Taciak, $675,000.

Fifth St., 1720-Joseph Edward Levin and Layne Amerikaner to William Mitchell and Kevin Lloyd Martin, $1.2 million.

Sixth St., 715, No. 501-Joshua Adam Levine to Amanda Simcox, $498,500.

Ninth St., 6313-Ronald L. and Sherrilyn D. Brown to Avalon Marie McOmber and Leandro Magdaleno Otero, $510,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 420-Donald Dongwoo and Jennifer Carter Kim to Scott P. Demartino, $685,000.

16th St., 1108, No. 603-Maryl Drew and Pamela J. Ertelt to Husain Gulamhusein, $820,000.

17th St., 2550, No. 604-Keosha D. Burns to Gee-Heng Tsui and Rachel Frances Rater, $365,000.

39th Pl., 2425-Danielle Nguyen-Feldman and Joshua Feldman to Jill Mahoney and Alexander Bargmann, $1.03 million.


Bay St., 1728-Judith A. Pearson to Jacob Leland and Meghan L. Keaton, $810,000.

Chesapeake St., 809-Luxury Prospects Corp. to Matthew Vaden, $391,000.

Drake Pl., 5348-Federal National Mortgage Association to Shahin Haj and Hamid Haj Momenian, $175,000.

East Capitol St., 1407-Emily and Shawn Wilkinson to Ronald and Vivian Cathey, $1.48 million.

K St., 1336-Michael F. and Carrie E. Koebel to John H. Bratton and Eric Rothermel, $710,200.

Park Pl., 2314-Kiel M. Russell and Ursula R. Lauriston to James Martin Montgomery, $475,000.

Raleigh St., 314-DHF Investment Corp. to Royal Farley, $356,399.

Trenton Pl., 115-RNP Real Estate Investment Corp. to Violet Richardson, $367,098.

Yuma St., 819-Christopher Hauser to Toinnette E. Marshall, $385,000.

Seventh St., 113-Jo Anne Glisson to Tobias and Jeanny Glucksman, $600,000.

17th St., 443-Damion C. Sanders to Megan Louise Crowe and Adams Jeffrey Finkel, $710,777.

21st Pl., 1619, No. 104-Jessica E. Bacon to Matthew Alan Robinson and Carla Fuentes Rodda, $346,000.

41st Pl., 1770-Equity Trust Co. to Michael Benjamin Washington, $460,000.


Chesapeake St., 130-Tanielle Parker to Nathan Edmonds, $329,000.

Third St., 841, No. 303-Christopher L. Paone to Adam Stansfield Jatho and Charlotte Elizabeth Shanahan, $680,000.