District of Columbia

These sales data recorded in June by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Ames St., 4116, No. 303-Warren Buckley to Henok Bogale, $138,000.

Burns St., 44-Joyce A. Rorie to Boris Omar Reinosa Ramirez, $346,000.

Chancellors Way, 2913-Steven Edwin and Nicole Rae Gardner to Carrie Lynn Hasselback and Nicholas Gaetano Faiola, $781,500.

Clay St., 6022-Frederick and Nicholas Houanche to Wendall R. Crawley, $315,000.

Dakota Ave. S., 3605-Helpful Investing Corp. to Michael Canalini, $840,000.

Duncan St., 1418-Jason and Elizabeth Novick to Laura Lynne Gentile, $779,000.

F St., 400-Barbara Ann Burr to Wongniwat Ongsangkoon, $1.52 million.

Florida Ave., 1234-Robert F. Parker to Siddiq M. Abdul-Khabir, $299,265.

Gales St., 1716-1718-Daniel James MacDonald to John Bentley and Jessie F. Kalsmith, $645,000.

Jay St., 5108-Simone Management Corp. to Fatima T. Rosa, $535,000.

Kearny St., 1405-Ragu-Jara and Katharine Gregg to Allyson Burns and Nilanj Desai, $938,000.

Lang Pl., 1639-Kelsey E. Hoppe to Faith P. Leach, $405,000.

Maryland Ave., 325-Matthew Thomas and Suzanne Dallas Castaldo to Matthew Owen Schumaker and Elizabeth Moore Jurinka, $1.75 million.

Mills Ave., 2951-Mary F. Hallam to Charles E. Porter and Caitlin Givens, $895,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 5521-Scott Construction Group Corp. to Kyle and Keturah Williams, $726,525.

Sargent Rd., 4949-100 Blue Doors Corp. to Charles Hosale and Carlotta Generali, $625,000.

Trinidad Ave., 1326-Asqual Getaneh to Siobhan Pangerl and Michael Torres Rodriguez, $800,000.

Varnum St., 1905-Lucy W. Wade to Anthony T. and Diahanna A. Bradley, $575,000.

Second St., 11, No. 104-Thomas J. Helm to Damon Baughn, $273,000.

Fourth St., 2630-BDP 01 Corp. to Shakur and Ayanna Walker, $832,500.

Sixth St., 314-Jebidiah Ory and Lea Crusey to Mark T. Bagin and Bethany L. Warren, $1.1 million.

Seventh St., 104-Vicenzio Holder-Perkins to Ryan Tracy and Kali Edwards, $877,888.

Seventh St., 3115-Maggie Dickens to Lauren C. Schnepper, $600,000.

Ninth St., 910-57th Street Mews Inc. to Lena McDowall, $855,000.

13th St., 5019-Karen Krieg to Aubrey Bourgeois and Maxfield McKenna, $580,000.

17th St., 2924-Naim Properties Corp. to Alexander Marriott and Elizabeth French, $840,000.

26th St., 3816-Valerie Theberge to Matthew O. Kent and Joan M. Williams, $648,500.

49th St., 918-Citibank to Zoubida Benhamida, $220,000.

59th St., 527-Samir and Krutiben Patel to Justin Hawkins, $359,000.


Albemarle St., 4910-Garrett C. Marquis and Ashley E. Hickey Marquis to Brendan Conlin Smith and Lindsey Clare Bohl, $1.4 million.

Bates St., 41-Russ E. Williams Jr. to Stephen James Benham, $840,000.

Birch St., 3025-Norman B. Piccioni to Brian John and Michelle Lee Stokes, $1.06 million.

Buchanan St., 413-Elmer Vasquez Properties Corp. to Ryan Heckel and Ran Zhang, $680,000.

Calvert St., 3819-Ann Polski Casso to Avril Benchimol Dominguez and Nathan B. Sachs, $1.26 million.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 1204E-Adam D. Sexton and Diana O’Brien to Lee Satterfield, $469,000.

Columbia Rd., 2022, No. 303-Joan E. Smiley to Lisa Maria Chase, $427,000.

Connecticut Ave., 5410, No. 508-Jeanne P. Kowalski to Tyler John Reback, $249,500.

Davis Pl., 3925, No. 103-Erin Elizabeth Kennedy to Flora Dakas, $303,000.

E St., 616, No. 1120-Brian Todd and Robin Kaneshiro Urheim to Noah M. and Eileen Y. Chou, $470,000.

Gallatin St., 906, No. 204-Gallatin Property Development Corp. to Ray Porter, $479,900.

Girard St., 1207, No. 2-Rafael A. Portillo-Ocando to Isolina Rossi and Charalampos Lypiridis, $949,000.

Harvard St., 741-Emma Laury and Severin Skolrud to John Tavolacci, $740,000.

Huidekoper Pl., 2041-John T. and Kristen Joy Pruski to Joseph Bernath and Hind Tazi, $1.14 million.

Irving St., 1726-Blue Water Venture Partners Inc. to Sarah Emily Shulman, $1.35 million.

Kansas Ave., 4912-Testa S Inc. to Courtney Tate and Kevan Fitzhugh, $772,500.

Kenyon St., 1390, No. 101-Ajax 2018-B REO Corp. to Richard Kelley and Richard Bentham, $560,000.

Longfellow St., 525-Carlos E. Natera to Rachel M. Dukes, $620,000.

Lowell St., 4300-John J. Destefano to Jeffrey Polyak and Margaret Rose Lombardo, $1.17 million.

M St., 1011, No. 904-Nina Michelle and Michael Charness to Seiyeon Ji, $500,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 301, No. 701-Terrel and Reagan Miller to Kaveh Zand, $669,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1010, No. 607-Dewey R. Corriher II to Jennifer L. Saulino, $765,000.

N St., 2114, No. 21-Donna Ditz to Peter Norman Harris, $452,000.

N St., 3402-Elizabeth J. Taylor to William B. Alexander VI, $950,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 3815-Victoria Jean Taylor to Sebastien F. Dibling and Felicia Price, $980,000.

Newton Pl., 652, No. 2-Kat Realty Corp. to Ethan James Beaudoin, $565,000.

O St., 2108-Francis E. Della-Penna and Stephanie Ortoleva to Meghan P. and John D. Platt, $1.56 million.

Ordway St., 2755, No. 514-Anthony W. Yu and Wailing Cecilia Ho to Dana and Aidyn Carlson, $279,000.

Park Rd., 1531, No. 5-Alexander Ilich Dumer to Michael E. Devaney and Kathryn F. Caruso, $605,000.

Q St., 801, No. 1-Benjamin Russell Stickel and Rebecca Helene Williams to Nancy C. Barnes, $870,000.

Riggs Pl., 1828, No. 22-Dylan Matthews to Natalie Farrell, $259,900.

Roxanna Rd., 1422-Danielle M. Gonzales and Timothy D. Wahlers to Jessica Pauly Harrison and Adam Christopher Dunn Harrison, $875,000.

Sherier Pl., 5710-Andrew and Lauren Giordano to Thomas Otey and Carlla Yvette Smith, $1.68 million.

Sutton Pl., 3275, No. B-Nicolas Alejandro Taborga and Guillermina Schinder to Richa and Kiran Thomas, $726,000.

Taylor St., 518-John Lalor to Christopher James Asta and Jodi Kostelnik, $895,000.

Underwood Pl., 47-Eagle Real Estate Investments Corp. to Emmanuelle Compingt and Kidus Asfaw, $585,000.

Van Ness St., 3607-Douglas Sheldon and Stephanie Smith Kinney to David Alan and Lisa Schuman Walsh, $1.6 million.

Verplanck Pl., 4636-My Verplanck House Corp. to Andrew H. and Jill Santopolo Claster, $1.6 million.

W St., 3808-Robert A. and Laura P. Friedman to Lindsay A. Cressy and Christopher M. Owens, $1.01 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 2800, No. 402-Omar A. Karim to Joshua Lopez, $203,000.

Wyoming Ave., 1801, No. 4-Paul Walter and Jenny M. Pierre to Toni F. Gallo, $657,000.

Third Pl., 5710-Andre Paul C. Dowtin to Amone Lamar and Shaquana W. Banks, $789,990.

Sixth St., 3565-Matthew Schafer to Rachel A. Pulley and William J. Perkins, $597,000.

Eighth St., 4107-Sarah L. Guidi and Timothy R. Hultzman to Nathan Miller and Laura Plattner, $780,000.

Ninth St., 5401, No. 301-Veronica Jackson to Rita Lily Lin, $448,500.

11th St., 3221, No. 1-Kevin Glass and Kelly Newton to Daniel Roder, $504,550.

13th St., 1311, No. T06-Luis A. Corrales to Andrew R. Reighart, $295,000.

14th St., 1133, No. 504-Sam and Katrina Woo Cheng to Ilirjana and Nathaniel R. Burgei, $619,000.

16th St., 2008, No. 5-Todd R. Smith to Jermaine Deane Perez, $246,391.

17th St., 1726, No. 102-Claire Louise Greer to Peter Richard Bourke, $399,000.

18th St., 1624, No. C-Rick D. McNabb to Richard Lapin, $1.1 million.

20th St., 1733, No. 203-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Grace West, $428,000.

23rd St., 1111, No. PH2B-Karen K. Dixon and Nancy E. Schaffer to Farzad and Sariah Najam, $3.25 million.

30th St., 1510-Emily A. Geuder to Anthony Patrick and Patricia Anna Sipher, $1.79 million.

33rd St., 1207-John H. Midlen Jr. to David Huang, $942,400.

35th St., 3609-Lindley R. Higgins and Rebecca R. Bond to Allison H. Hall-Jordan and David V. Ireland, $950,000.

39th St., 3621, No. E323-Ilari Lindy and Lisa Marie O’Donoghue-Lindy to Phillip Mariscal and Stephanie Svec, $515,000.

46th St., 4728-Joan F. Thielbar Sharkey to Bryan M. Marra and Marisa Stark, $1.1 million.


Alabama Ave., 3663-Stephanie Weedon to Donna Maria Smith, $460,000.

Bruce Pl., 1745-Zeles and Kwanee Price Butler to Carl Nathaniel Ringgold, $415,000.

C St., 622-Haluk Aslanturk and Burcu Bilek to Timothy John and Kristy Saul Dalton, $1.08 million.

Call Pl., 5359-Christopher J. Shorter to Patrick Ogbeide, $440,000.

Fort Davis St., 1801-District Venture Group Corp. to Mycal Lee Ford and Avonda Sheridan Fogan, $495,000.

G St., 1360-John P. Neal to Karen Thome and William Schick, $977,500.

Howard Rd., 1500-Jack Spicer Properties Corp. to Audra R. Mitchell, $399,000.

Independence Ave., 1717, No. B-Alan Cole and Samaad W. Keys to Lesley Elizabeth Stein, $936,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1391, No. 227-Gregory Rubin to Jay Gulshen, $510,000.

S St., 2209-Michelle L. Robinson to Ryan J. and Krystin H. Roehl, $520,000.

Walter St., 1200-Lindsay Cox and Andrew Ryscavage to Lexine Hansen and Mark Roberts, $950,000.

Eighth St., 214-Khosrow Seyed Makki to Daniel Gendler and Sarah Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, $1.95 million.

11th St., 900, No. 301-David Rokhlin and Anthony Daniel Ruano to Peter J. Titas, $745,000.

17th St., 1814-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Keisha Cofield, $360,250.

24th Pl., 3022-Estate of Elfrieda M. Lee and Kia Lee to Teresa L. and James Arthur Reese, $262,500.

53rd St., 1-Karizad Corp. to Latrice Downing Foshee, $479,900.


M St., 240, No. E202-Carolina Hidea to Samantha Doyle, $249,900.

O St., 410, No. 308-Estate of Valerie S. Green and James Stephens to Sian Lee Tanya Lewis, $350,000.

Fourth St., 800, No. S613-April Cunningham to Taylor Christine Thomsen and Devin Douglas Larsen, $365,000.