From the Barry era to council member Jack Evans, District politics has been rife with episodes of misconduct.

New attention to spending comes as the city’s economy slows down.

Dan Snyder’s hope to return the Redskins to RFK hinges on a federal land sale to the city.

A proposed commercial property tax increase in the $15.5 billion plan sets up a conflict with the D.C. Council.

Ruling finds Todd used constituents’ information to benefit education board candidate

Vincent C. Gray, 76, tried to enter with his Council ID. Regulators say an employee used unnecessary force.

The council plans to also strip some responsibilities from Evans, who is facing a federal probe and a recall threat.

In her State of the District address, the D.C. mayor spoke of boosting spending on housing programs by $55 million.

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine joined a soccer league in the whistleblower action.

Department of Human Services employee allegedly received $380,000 to dispense fraudulent benefits.

Fallout continues for lawmaker embroiled in ethics scandal; longtime allies demand action

Muriel Bowser also lobbied the administration to fill judicial vacancies at the District’s courts.

Evans apologized to colleagues and told them he plans to end a consulting business that has made him the subject of a federal investigation.

Northeast Washington hospital is scheduled to close most services this spring.

Subpoenas from a grand jury suggest a widening investigation of the District’s longest-serving lawmaker.

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