Drugs sold in stores as cheap alternatives to pot have been linked to 1,600 suspected overdoses.

As Central American teens rejoin long-absent parents inside the United States, schools try to ease the transition.

Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services HyeSook Chung to depart

S. Kathryn Allen, the best-funded challenger in the race, was disqualified from the ballot, giving Bussey-Reeder an opening.

Officials said the victim was unconscious and unresponsive.

A bill by council member Jack Evans would tax sports betting for early-childhood care and the arts

Their lawyer sent a letter to the liquor board Monday asking it to reviews its decision.

Opponents of a wage increase dominate a packed hearing on whether to repeal the ballot measure.

Officials say Courtney Snowden’s departure is unrelated to ethics investigations.

Lawmakers, most of whom support repeal, are expected to hear from the public Monday.

S. Kathryn Allen’s signature debacle raises questions about the political strength of the business community in the nation’s capital.

Three ministers, two retired judges and two rabbis argued that the president lacks “good character” required of licensees, but the liquor board took a pass, citing a technicality.

The election panel disqualified S. Kathryn Allen, upholding a challenge by incumbent Elissa Silverman.

Kwame Brown, undone by a loan scandal, says the system tries to find ways to break you down.

The public reception followed a “Today” show appearance that gave the D.C. mayor a chance to talk about her child.

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