Lawsuit is latest fallout from firings at agency overseeing key development projects

Muriel Bowser says that she brought up Metro, education and statehood in their meeting.

Legislation would create one of the nation’s most generous packages of family and medical leave benefits.

D.C. Council ends three days of closed door hearing into alleged political interference in contracting

The Democrat has been critical of the president-elect, calling some remarks “idiotic.”

In silent protest, residents hoisted gay pride rainbow flags.

A closed-door hearing into the firings of two city officials continued for a second day.

The D.C. Council held a closed hearing on the allegations Thursday.

A Bowser administration official was allegedly fired to appease a donor to the mayor that lost out on city contracts.

City officials say too many are coming from Maryland and Virginia to access shelter.

The bill, introduced by council member David Grosso, seeks to prevent businesses from setting salaries based on pay history.

Prod comes after Metlife Stadium vendors apparently didn’t recognize the “District of Columbia” as part of the U.S.

Employees would get almost twice as much time off as those in California and New Jersey.

Anti-tobacco advocates say the moves as crucial to curb youth tobacco use.

Manassas residents withhold rent payments as part of their effort to force sewer repairs, stave off eviction.

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