D.C. Politics

White House spokeswoman says Biden administration is “working with Congress to make the bill as strong as possible.”

At heated session with D.C. Council, agency director acknowledges problems, says some claimants may have lost eligibility.

Some say propping up United Medical Center is vital to the community, even though many Ward 8 residents won’t go there.

With caseloads declining, concerts, sports venues can return to full capacity June 11.

The city’s employment services director is expected to testify before a frustrated D.C. Council on Wednesday.

Three-term chairman said he wants to focus more on D.C. Public Schools system.

In a neighborhood with vast wealth gaps and no playground, housing tensions threaten plans to build a recreation center at a long-closed school.

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser says statehood for the city is a matter of voting representation.

Amid sharp declines in patient counts and concerns about outcomes, some lawmakers said outside control may be needed.

The massive Comprehensive Plan could have immediate effects and also lays out a vision for the city's future policies on land use, transportation, education and more.

Indoor mask requirements were in dispute Saturday, the same day the city began offering vaccine to all residents at walk-up sites.

The West Virginia Democrat’s support was seen as essential in the narrowly divided Senate.

Jones is the first candidate to possibly challenge incumbent Attorney General Karl A. Racine.

Statehood supporters will target the Senate, where opposition is strong but leaders have promised a hearing.

The council will revisit the city’s Comprehensive Plan, which could reshape the face of D.C., next month.

“Policy position” issued ahead of House vote is administration’s most forceful backing of statehood so far.

Protests in the city have picked up again, following several police shootings nationwide.

City official says latest delays affected up to 2,500 workers and again were caused by a system update.

Maryland and Virginia strengthened oversight of police misconduct. The District is considering shifting tasks from officers to civilians.

Bill to make D.C. the 51st state is likely to pass the House but will face hurdles in the Senate.

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