Samples from almost 100 women are still being retested by a federal lab

Amendment would lower business taxes, favor mandate for large employers

Council member emerges as point man in “Hands Off DC” fight to combat congressional interference

Business leaders move on to council to reconsider changes to landmark law.

Alternatives involve lower tax rate and private insurance plans

Mayor Muriel E. Bowser had threatened veto over cost concerns, but decides against it

409 tests sent for retesting, including 294 for pregnant women

Lawmakers said they will try to amend an appropriations bill to neutralize the legislation.

Mayor’s office cited presence of trash and rats in displacing people and their property

House Republicans vote to negate the city’s aid-in-dying law.

Protests planned as Utah congressman seeks to dismantle District’s assisted suicide law

“I’m kind of a godfather to a lot of folks,” the D.C. stalwart, who died Friday, once said.

Hundreds given leniency under the law have gone on to commit violent crimes since 2010.

The move by the Utah GOP congressman could set up a rare floor vote on a D.C. law.

Gray says more than 4,000 officers are still needed to fight violent crime.

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