At iconic Sedgwick Gardens, an experiment in “housing first” policy has seen mixed results.

Mayor’s proposed $20 million fund would help middle-income city workers.

The Ward 2 D.C. Council member also says he’s confident the investigation will end without charges.

Barbara Bazron will take the helm of the Department of Behavioral Health.

The 27-year-old neighborhood activist said he would be an ethical alternative to the veteran lawmaker.

The mayor’s office says officials encountered technical problems trying to get AmeriCorps funding, but the agency says those issues were resolved by the deadline.

City Year, Reading Partners and the Literacy Lab had requested more than $3.5 million in federal AmeriCorps funding.

The recall supporters must start over after making technical errors in their first attempt to boot the lawmaker from office.

Most members of the panel support the new bill to prohibit outside employment.

President Trump’s budget proposal would double funding for the program to $30 million.

An image included in the tweet compared the former Nationals player to Benedict Arnold.

The bill would address only municipal property and not federal monuments.

The effort marks a dramatic expansion of the use of the previously scarce antidote.

The District’s Board of Elections is likely to let the recall signature drive proceed at its April 3 meeting.

United Medical Center officials face ongoing financial turmoil.

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