Board Chair Corey A. Stewart proposed tripling the rate for data centers to pay for schools and lower taxes for county residents.

Calls for censure for Trayon White lack a majority

Four people, all in their 20s, were killed in the early Sunday attack in Antioch, Tenn.

Fairfax County, seeking more control under a 2014 state law meant to help struggling farmers, argues that Whitehall Farms’s plan is not agritourism.

As the council member faces calls for reprimands, he criticizes media coverage.

Council member Trayon White is facing scrutiny over the Nation of Islam donation, which may have violated campaign finance rules.

For Trayon White Sr., a guided tour of genocide is unfinished business.

The Department of Employment Services says it has since improved and started to crack down on businesses that don’t follow the rules.

School officials unable to provide auditors with many basic records.

Cities are encouraged to think strategically about how to address their really big problems.

Lax enforcement has bred a “consequence-free” system, one former school officials says. And it’s sometimes abused by its own employees.

Trayon White received criticism from many, including a member of the Rothschild family — but praise from conspiracy theorists.

The Victorian-style town hall has been filled with allegations of misconduct, threats and extramarital affairs.

Opponents challenge Jeremiah Stanback’s nominating petitions

If bill passes, Washington, D.C. would be first to allow minors to vote in presidential races

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