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The D.C. Board of Elections on Friday afternoon was still tabulating more than 13,000 ballots placed in drop boxes during Tuesday’s primary election.

Some are already speculating how the council’s presumptive new members might leave their mark on key issues in the legislature’s pipeline.

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser won the Democratic primary Tuesday with more support from majority-White areas than majority-Black ones.

In a letter, Council chair Phil Mendelson (D) wrote that “housing - particularly affordable housing - is the most urgent use for the site.”

Schwalb was endorsed by outgoing attorney general Karl Racine; he said in an interview he is not ‘Karl part two’

Chairman Phil Mendelson and At-large member Anita Bonds won their primaries, while liberal candidates won at the ward level.

As polls closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday, the stakes of the city's mayoral election were top of mind for nearly every voter who cast a ballot.

With her primary win, D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser has an opportunity.

On Tuesday, voters will head to the polls to select nominees for D.C. local races and some of Virginia’s congressional representatives ahead of the general election in November.

Voters are deciding whether to make Muriel E. Bowser the only mayor other than Marion Barry to be elected three times — or opt for one of her opponents.

A look at the legislative records and accomplishments on the council of Robert C. White Jr. and Trayon White Sr. can offer clues about what type of mayor each man would potentially be.

The complaint alleges widespread discrimination against people with disabilities, some of whom have waited as long as a decade for housing.

Candidates for D.C. mayor, attorney general and city council are making a last-minute push for votes before the June 21 Democratic primary.

Critics say her push for development has accelerated the affordability crisis in the city.

In the June 21 Democratic primary, Erin Palmer is challenging incumbent Phil Mendelson, who has held the office for a decade.

If D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser wins the Democratic nomination over her challengers, it will put her on the path to becoming the only three-term mayor of D.C. besides the fabled Marion Barry. But to get there, political observers say, she'll need the support of not only her enthusiastic supporters, but many more reticent ones, too.

Negative ads are nothing new in D.C.'s elections, especially among candidates who have worked alongside each other in office.

Kari Cooke will serve as the inaugural director of the District’s latest community office, which was established by the D.C. Council in 2020 and funded in last year’s budget process.

Duncan was the chosen candidate of outgoing council member Mary M. Cheh.

Here's who is on the ballot ahead of the June 21 primary.

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