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The council’s unanimous vote on the budget comes about two weeks after lawmakers moved to reverse some cuts proposed by Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D).

Biden followed through on his threat to veto a congressional measure seeking to block D.C.'s policing bill.

City leaders are seeking to reverse declining tax revenue from office properties downtown that have become increasingly vacant.

The ballot initiative launched this week aims to open up primaries to independent voters and bring ranked-choice voting to the city.

It was a busy Tuesday for D.C. government on Capitol Hill, with a hearing before the House Oversight Committee, then a vote in the Senate on the District's policing bill.

Tuesday’s vote on the fiscal 2024 budget was the first of two that the council will take before sending it to Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) to sign.

Bipartisan cooperation — especially around the management of the nation’s capital — is rare, if not nonexistent these days.

The suit seeks to prevent the D.C. Board of Elections from implementing the D.C. Noncitizen Voting Act, passed by the D.C. Council in October.

The vote may happen next week, even though the congressional review period for the law has expired.

As the District braces for a surge in migrants as a Title 42 border policy expires, the expenses for providing lodging, food and other aid already have pushed up costs for the city.

Outgoing Housing Authority director Brenda Donald said the agency has fixed dozens of problems highlighted in a federal HUD report.

Brian Hanlon, who has held multiple leadership positions within D.C. city government, will now lead the Department of Buildings.

In working on the 2024 budget, D.C. lawmakers are considering cuts to several popular programs, at times pitting more urgent initiatives against projects with longer timelines.

The GOP-led Oversight committee invited the U.S. Attorney to appear at the May 16 hearing, the second so far examining crime and D.C. city management.

Donald is departing after less than two years on the job and with the agency under fire.

The Commanders are lobbying legislators to give D.C. control over the site, which would pave the way for the city to offer it as a potential home for the team.

The District's system of support for migrants has been overwhelmed as families arrive by border buses and from other U.S. cities, officials say.

Over the past year, notable exits from Bowser’s administration have included a number of agency directors and two deputy mayors who resigned amid questions about their behavior.

While D.C. awards billions of dollars in contracts to businesses owned by women and people of color, researchers found that most of that money was unevenly concentrated.

While the disapproval resolution of D.C.'s police reform legislation passed the GOP-controlled House, its path through the Senate is uncertain.

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