Buckleychevron vases and bowls, from $76 at www.jillrosenwald.com. (Jill Rosenwald Studio)

Looking for a way to spruce up your spaces this summer? Try playing with pattern.

Besides paint, injecting a peppy print into a room is one of the easiest ways to make what’s old look new (or new-ish) again.

One of my favorites is the chevron stripe. This chic and classic zigzag packs more punch than the traditional linear stripe, plus it adds movement and, depending on how you use it, a bit of playfulness to a space.

For a subtle chevron sighting, toss a throw on a sofa, place a bowl or lamp on a tabletop or replace a nondescript wastebasket with one that’s worth noting.

If you’re prepared for more permanence, consider installing wood flooring, a kitchen backsplash or bathroom tile in the pattern.

Some happy mediums between the two extremes: hanging curtain panels that sport the graphic design (the wider the zigzag, the more dramatic) or painting floors or walls using a V-shape stencil.

The chevron motif is often confused with the herringbone pattern, but there is a distinction: the chevron is a series of V’s where the ends meet at a centerpoint; in a herringbone pattern, the ends of the V’s overlap.

Finding a zigzag that works with your decor should be easy; they are everywhere these days. From interior design to tech accessories, paper products to haute couture, when it comes to this pattern, the choices are aplenty.

If you’re not typically a pattern person, here’s a suggestion: Try the chevron on your feet first with a colorful pair of wedges. I guarantee you will notice a spring in your summertime step.