As tensions have flared between fire officials and firefighters’ union in Washington, a dispute in neighboring Prince George’s County has left in doubt the future of a heavily-used ambulance in Morningside.

The dispute stems from a disagreement over how to increase staffing on ambulances.

Attorneys for the Morningside Volunteer Fire Company, Inc., Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Station 827, have given the county a Monday deadline to remove the ambulance from the Morningside station.

Prince George’s County Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor sent a letter Thursday to Morningside Volunteer Chief Michael White ordering him to keep the ambulance in service.

In 2012, the Morningside ambulance responded to 3,627 calls for service. County fire officials say the loss of this unit could create an additional wait time between 5 to 10 minutes to respond to incidents in Morningside.