A District Heights police officer shot last weekend after a robbery was hit by a bullet from another officer also pursuing the suspects, Prince George’s County police said Saturday.

The name of the District Heights officer was not released, but officials had said after the Dec. 7 incident that the bullet was stopped by his vest and that he had only minor injuries.

Also struck was one of the three suspects, Bobby Frederick Dews, 25, of 18th Street NE, Prince George’s. All three face multiple charges in connection with the Dec. 7 armed robbery and chase that followed. A fourth suspect remained at large Saturday.

Officers from the county and District Heights police departments had responded the night of Dec. 7 to a robbery call on the 6000 block of Marlboro Pike. On their way to the scene, they saw a car driving away and followed it, police said. It soon stopped and three people ran out in different directions. Police said Dews jumped into a nearby car, which they thought he was car-jacking but which turned out to be a getaway car.

According to a statement by the county police Saturday, a “preliminary investigation suggests” two officers — one from District Heights and one from the Prince George’s County police — approached that vehicle.

“When the officers confronted Dews, they found themselves on opposite sides of the car, creating a dangerous crossfire situation,” the statement said. Both officers fired their weapons and forensic evidence shows the officer was hit by a round from Corp. Kenneth Meushaw, a nine-year veteran of the county police.

“Officers often respond to critical incidents where they face threats which require an instant response. The dynamic and fluid nature of these incidents can sometimes lead officers to place themselves and/or their fellow officers in the line of fire,” the statement said.

Investigators believe a round fired by the District Heights officer struck Dews, the statement said.