A Northeast Washington man convicted of killing a man then fleeing to Atlanta, was sentenced Friday to 24 years in prison.

At his sentencing before D.C. Superior Court Judge Robert E. Morin, Sean Carter, 22, read from a piece of paper he had pulled from his orange D.C. jail jumpsuit. He asked for forgiveness in the shooting death of Bidley Warren, 22, as Warren and a teenager were walking down Rhode Island Ave NE last August.

Investigators said Carter chased Warren and the teenager before shooting Warren in the head as he lay on the ground.

“I apologize to Mr. Warren’s family and my family. I know I hurt a lot of people on the day of the incident. I wasn’t myself.” Carter pleaded guilty in January to second-degree murder.

Carter’s attorney, Madalyn Harvey of the District’s Public Defender Service, said her client was “not thinking properly” when he fled the District after the shooting. Carter was extradited from Georgia in October.

Prosecutors said Carter told police that he had been in previous fights with Warren and the teenager, whom they did not identify. A parole officer wrote a letter to the judge on Carter’s behalf saying that he was “quiet, timid and shy” and must have been “backed against the wall” to commit such violence.

Morin wasn’t thoroughly convinced. “He shot Mr. Warren while he was on the ground. That doesn’t sound like he was acting out of panic.”