We have a winner! Or do we?

Surveillance video of a man walking into a Prince George’s County gas station Thursday, checking a stack of lottery tickets and reportedly screaming “I won!” has a lot of people wondering: Could the holder of one of two winning tickets for the largest Powerball jackpot ever be right here in the Washington region?

Winning tickets for Powerball’s $587 million Nov. 28 drawing were sold in Missouri and Arizona. A couple in Missouri have claimed their share, but no one has come forward in Arizona.

So how to explain Maryland’s mystery man?

The video, which first aired on ABC 7, shows a man in some sort of workman’s uniform walking into the Marlboro Village Exxon station. He walks up to the counter and starts going through the tickets. At some point he appears to confirm with a store employee that he has the winning numbers. He then turns to a couple of other people in the store and has them take a look. And then, he’s gone.

Now people are asking, is he a winner? Was it a hoax?

A spokesman for the Multi-state Lottery Association, which organizes Powerball among participating states, says the association has no idea whether the Upper Marlboro guy is legit. The ticket the man showed cannot be read by machines at the Maryland convenience store, because only lottery machines from the state of origin can authenticate a winning ticket.

An Arizona lottery spokesman said that because no one has stepped forward to claim the winning ticket purchased there, lottery officials there have no way of knowing if the mystery man has the ticket, was pulling someone’s leg or was just confused.

Washington Post staff reports