First report on revised admission test shows high averages. But they’re not really that high.

The attorney general, who has sparked controversy over immigration, race and other issues, plans to talk about free speech on college campuses.

Students without access to high-quality STEM education "are at risk of being shut out from some of the most attractive job options," the memo says.

At Gonzaga College High, a trip to the past yields a troubling portrait.

He issued an order telling the Education Department to direct $200 million a year to STEM, especially computer science.

Kavita Krishnaswamy’s progressive illness has her working against the clock.

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An excerpt of a book by John Merrow.

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L.A. school board agrees to pay $150,000 of educator’s attorney fees.

Mark C. Yantsos pleaded guilty to sexual abuse of a minor as part of deal with prosecutors.

Some say she isn't getting much done. They're wrong.

Ex-officials will pay $659,000; funds will go to a different D.C. charter school.

The student group which invited a controversial speaker canceled plans for days of events, but the speaker says he and others still plan to come to the University of California at Berkeley Sunday.

Speakers debate whether a controversial event at the University of California at Berkeley is canceled or proceeding full steam ahead, and a student group filed a complaint against the university with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Action gives schools new flexibility on how to weigh evidence in sexual misconduct cases.

And what this means for the future.

The move was opposed by advocates for sexual assault victims.

The offices says Western Governors University should return $713 million in loans and grants because the limited faculty role in courses makes the online university ineligible for federal student aid.

The Michigan billionaire also plans to donate her salary, a spokeswoman said.

Appeals court ruling means lawsuit by three alumni of Phi Kappa Psi can proceed.

The network's formation comes as liberal lawmakers and student advocates accuse the Trump administration of watering down the enforcement of regulations to safeguard student loan borrowers.

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