The warning of an “ethnic cleansing” at a high school caused the whole school system to close for two days.

Sydney Aiello was a senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year, when a gunman killed 17 students and school staff.

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Memo to desperate parents: Ultra-selective colleges don’t guarantee great success.

Authorities announce classes are canceled Friday for a second day.

Sheriff’s deputies conducted mock executions, shooting them with plastic pellets during a drill at an elementary school in northern Indiana, according to legislative testimony.

Last year, similar concerns in Loudoun triggered a state review.

Folt will lead the private university as it seeks to move past a series of scandals.

Far too often, students and faculty lament, access to the prestigious school is about money.

It involves security costs, which individual campuses are having to absorb.

The student, a former wrestler at Robinson Secondary School, was transferred.

About two dozen Filipino teachers in the Baltimore school district have been let back into the United States after problems last year with their visas.

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Federal prosecutors say Gordon Ernst was part of a conspiracy that infiltrated elite schools.

Some students are seeking to escape racist rhetoric by heading to historically black campuses.

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A remarkable book shows how teenagers can achieve mastery and enjoyment.

Prestigious universities promised to consider how to protect their admissions processes from fraud.

The march comes a year after teens walked out following the massacre at a Florida school.

Parents and students said the federal case shows those who play by the rules are losing precious seats at elite universities to unscrupulous families with money and clout.

She is the first Hispanic student to win in more than two decades.

They include parents, coaches and an allegedly corrupt college admissions counselor.

William “Rick” Singer agreed to plead guilty to racketeering and other crimes.

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