Proposal would add $6.2 million in funding for middle and high schools.

The voucher program could expand by “hundreds” of students next year.

Teaching assistants voted to join UNITE HERE, becoming the latest group of graduate students at private universities to unionize since the National Labor Relations Board cleared the way last summer.

Some school officials said they will keep transgender-friendly policies in place.

DeVos also gave no sign that she had reservations about withdrawing key guidance for transgender students.

She hadn't said much about her vision of higher education, but now there's this.

Read it for yourself.

President Trump should keep in mind the value of vocational higher education

Falwell said he was offered the role of secretary for higher education last November but declined it.

A spokeswoman for Carroll County schools said some in the community viewed the posters as “anti-Trump.”

Rich schools get big tax breaks through their endowments. But their record on social mobility is thin.

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Lawmakers curious about a panel that Jerry Falwell Jr. says he will lead.

The education secretary was reported to have opposed the move — but she went along.

Cheating, particularly overseas, has been a problem for years.

The move rescinds a federal directive requiring public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms that match their gender identity.

Organizers say their efforts will support improvement at Paul Public Charter School.

At least two are affected.

A racist video circulating on social media shows a woman wearing a university T-shirt rapping about killing black people.

There is no clear picture of the impact of tax benefits on budgets or higher education, according to Pew Charitable Trusts.

And what her supporters had hoped.

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