Presidential contenders want more education money, without Obama-era strings attached.

The county school system is adopting rules on restroom use and preferred pronouns.

Graduates are enrolling in college, joining the workforce and traveling the world.

The teen and his father alleged that the school system’s investigation was inadequate.

The principal who addressed the Class of 2019 at Parkersburg High School borrowed extensively from the actor. After a student called him out on YouTube, he told her what he did wasn’t plagiarism because he added his own experiences, and “ideas are meant to be free.”

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Some students have called class rankings detrimental to their mental health.

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Two Pulitzer Prize-winning books offer divergent views of a president.

Faulty reporting can make it difficult to guard against excessive use of the practices.

Maryland’s Jesuits sold 272 enslaved African Americans in 1838. Proceeds helped pay off the school’s debts.

Students who went through the city’s vocational program earned an annual median income of less than $13,000, earlier research found.

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Turnout was low in a race that drew six candidates and turned contentious when former union president Nathan Saunders revealed on his campaign website that Davis had recently been charged with driving under the influence.

Many of the campuses are in low-income neighborhoods where students have significant needs.

A group of families in the Maryland suburbs who were worried about the price of summer classes got a reprieve after their public school system agreed to waive fees this year for some low-income famili...

Monica Goldson, interim leader for nearly a year, landed the job in Prince George’s County. Starting as a math teacher 28 years ago, she rose through the ranks, serving as an assistant principal and principal before moving into higher administrative posts.

The Friendship Public Charter School network has made a proposal to operate the public boarding school.

The path to a degree can be rocky for first-generation university students.

Faculty and administrators are caught between traditional notions of learning and evolving online education.

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A report suggests some screen time can help school performance. Too much? That’s bad.

Students and parents in Loudoun County, Va., this year demanded that three history texts be rejected as culturally insensitive and Islamophobic. As the student body across the country diversifies, many are calling for material that provides a fuller telling of history.

Patrick K. Murphy led the high-performing Arlington County Public Schools for a decade.

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