The uneven reopening is driven by demand and staffing, school system officials say.

It might be better to do it one student at a time, a new book says.

The charter board will vote on five applicants on Monday.

Miguel Cardona visited a community school in Prince George’s County.

Some distance learners feel like they have become an afterthought.

Alexandria schools have rolled out a night-school program to accommodate working kids.

Patriotic scholars differ. I think Americans just don’t like civics.

Under proposal, spending would increase by at least 3.6 percent per student.

Students are coming to school with cases, but city officials say they are not seeing spread.

The school board voted unanimously to repeal the superintendent’s decision in favor of six feet.

The new names are Alexandria City High School and Naomi L. Brooks Elementary School.

“Any amount of time in front of a teacher . . . is going to be a great experience,” the schools chief says.

City officials said that so few students are learning in person that the tests would be difficult to administer.

The decision contradicts federal guidance and bucks a Northern Virginia trend.

The district will prioritize students who are struggling academically, officials said.

Davis, 70, had led the union since 2013 and was a 40-year veteran of the school system.

The city is working to reach disconnected students and is watching border policies to try to predict enrollment next year.

How to make a solar cooker out of a cardboard box.

The Brookings Institution looked at more than a decade of posts on the popular parenting forum.

The guidelines require schools to treat students according to their gender identities.

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