Fannie Mae is offering an opportunity to wipe out student debt through mortgage refinancing, but the option carries as many risks as rewards.

Ruling in Alabama case lays out a three-year path for the separation.

How a university can face its history -- with ties to slavery and oppression -- openly and honestly

A speech planned for Thursday, possibly in a public plaza on Berkeley's campus, was canceled, as the debate over how to balance free speech and public safety continued.

Montgomery PTA leaders cite “apparent theft” of $39,000, mostly likely by an insider

White House wants to examine whether government has overstepped its legal authority.

"You can do it," the former vice president said at George Mason University in Northern Virginia

Christine Hoffman, principal at Campbell Park Elementary in St. Petersburg, Fla., has been voluntarily transferred to the district headquarters.

Universities increased staffing, training and support in an effort to combat the problem.

University officials are bracing for massive protests after hearing the conservative commentator intends to speak Thursday at Sproul Plaza — the sprawling space at the center of the California campus that has been the site of demonstrations for decades. Coulter said she hopes the university will provide “an appropriate room” for the event.

The state has ordered both sides to mediation and to submit a progress report by May 30.

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited Ashland Elementary School to learn about its efforts to help military families.

Exclamatory headlines about how “our” schools are doing compared to “theirs” suggest that we’re less concerned with the quality of education than with whether we can chant, “We’re Number One!”

If school districts are going to continue to station police officers in schools, they should adopt policies that clearly limit officers’ roles to safety and security, not routine school discipline, writes an education law expert.

From a college admissions counselor.

Community activists say the D.C. government has undermined a new law giving the District greater oversight of companies that collect student loan payments by failing to hire a point person for the task.

Students charge that the university suppressed free speech when it limited when and where conservative commentator Ann Coulter could talk on campus

Yet again the U.S. education secretary makes a Common Core mistakes.

John Brewer had been on administrative leave from Dominion High since early December.

The IRS and Education Department disabled the tool in March after identity thieves tried to use personal information from it to file fraudulent tax returns.

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