Teachers' unions face new reality after devastating Supreme Court decision.

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School heads don’t mention how much those challenging courses help public schools.

The incident followed contentious board meeting in Prince George’s about CEO’s payout.

High school students have taken to Twitter and Reddit, arguing the scale used to score the June SAT was unfair and could jeopardize students' scholarship or college admissions chances.

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If you're not asking questions about the culture of a school, you're not asking the right questions.

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Departure of Prince George’s official dragged on for more than two months.

D.C. Council passed emergency measure amid attendance crackdown.

Programs designed to protect children ushered six siblings to their deaths — and no one has been held accountable since their adoptive mother drove them off a cliff.

The third in a series on the movement to privatize public education in Mike Pence's home state.

The group heard from the parents of transgender children during the summit.

The school said in response to the letter that it is nonpartisan and supports the accomplishments of its alumni, regardless of politics.

Stanford and Princeton universities are the latest to drop the standardized writing exam.

State officials say regulations would align with federal standards.

The Supreme Court nominee has a lengthy record of backing the rights of religious schools and students.

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Brett Kavanaugh graduated from the elite prep school in 1983, two years ahead of Justice Neil M. Gorsuch.

A new book explains why it is important and how it can be done. With excerpts.

Hammond High School in Columbia, Md., is an honoree in the Schools of Opportunity project. Here's why.

Every justice has attended Harvard or Yale's law school and only one earned a law degree elsewhere.

Former ITT chief executive Kevin Modany and former chief financial officer Daniel Fitzpatrick have settled fraud cases with the Securities and Exchange Commission, avoiding a trial.

Georgetown Law graduates also sign a petition directed at the Homeland Security official.

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