They call themselves #Pennridge 225 — students who were given detention by their school, Pennridge High in Bucks County, Penn., when they walked out of school March 14 to participate in a nationwide demonstration against gun violence. But this was no ordinary detention. The students had been warned by administrators that they could not leave during […]

Teachers, social workers and other public servants at risk of missing out on federal student loan forgiveness for enrolling in the wrong repayment plan now have a shot at debt relief under the spending bill that passed Friday.

"I should be worried about math equations, not escape routes."

"If you guys don't want to hear about it anymore, you fix it, so we don't have to keep repeating ourselves,” one student said.

When students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High return to school after spring break, they will be required to carry their belongings in clear plastic backpacks.

They say if implemented, their school will be severely harmed.

The education secretary had sought massive cuts to the department she oversees.

Congressional negotiators have rejected a White House bid to end support for the popular DC Tuition Assistance Grant.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos supports the efforts. Here's a primer on the issue.

Legislators put language in a massive spending bill saying that she can't split up the budget office as she wants to do. Here's why.

Here's the lineup. And who is missing.

An examination of a night of emails from school leaders on the eve of a snowstorm.

Gregory Salcido's remarks in a Southern California classroom triggered widespread condemnation, including a rebuke from the White House.

The superintendent has denied the allegations as “simply not true.”

The student gunman died and one other teen was wounded at Great Mills High.

Students at University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point are protesting the proposal, aimed at reversing declining enrollment.

The Student Loan Servicing Alliance, a trade group representing the companies who collect education debt payments, filed a lawsuit against the District over its requirement that servicers disclose information about their activities and obtain a license to operate within its boarders.

The education secretary has proposed a $3.6 billion cut, including money for mental health.

She asked that during testimony before a House committee — and said (and refused to say) a number of other things about key issues.

“Welcome to the world where words have impact,” the congressman said after his aide reported the cuss to the teen's principal.

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