Students were required to simulate moving through the Underground Railroad.

The Bay Area strike marks at least the fifth major teacher protest this year.

D.C. officials say there is little evidence academic achievement improved with a longer year.

Teachers are walking off the job on Thursday, the third major teachers' strike of the new year. Here's why.

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Research shows kids in elementary school don’t benefit much from nighttime lessons.

The legislation also would have introduced private school vouchers to the state.

The coalition wants Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie to increase oversight of colleges and programs eligible to receive veterans' tuition benefits.

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A cognitive scientist raises the issue. A Twitter discussion on the purpose of school.

The California teenager was caught during an undercover sting, authorities say.

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A former teacher and education consultant was in a preschool classroom when a lockdown was called: 'Years before I’d done lockdown drills with my own students, but I’d never witnessed the real thing. And, oh God, this was the real thing.'

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The teachers strike movement is changing. Here's how.

State lawmakers infuriated educators when they tied teacher raises to a bill that included provisions for charter schools and private school vouchers.

The university granted the honor in 2004 when Theodore McCarrick was archbishop of Washington.

Cancel classes? Postpone them? Sprawling geography can pose challenges for systems.

This time, teachers are taking action over a state house proposal to bring charter schools and private school vouchers to the state.

The action, set to start Tuesday, will protest the lack of union input in the legislation.

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Several other Baltimore schools already have their own police forces, including Morgan State University, Coppin State University and the University of Baltimore.

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"Fear of 'the other' is something deeply embedded in our nation’s DNA."

The for-profit college has failed to distribute federal student aid at campuses across the country, including one in Arlington.

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"Do we need all these studies to demonstrate what any good teacher knows: that the nature and quality of the relationship between teachers and students matters? Thus do the wheels of education policy turn in our country."

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