Leading educator calls the tough tests traumatic. I say they’re motivating.

The most important thing is to get students back into classrooms, school leaders said.

Alejandro Diasgranados hopes to prepare his students to be leaders by ensuring they understand history.

It will be largest corporate gift ever to the public university based in Blacksburg.

Parents decry the idea of putting all students in the same level math classes.

Some faculty say increasing workloads could ultimately hurt students.

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In the late 1980s, he and his wife developed the popular reading program Success for All. He recently promoted a tutoring initiative to help students forced from school by the coronavirus.

Fairfax County Public Schools has purchased 60 tents to use in outdoor classrooms.

It was one of the closest finishes in the 36-year history of the national competition.

  • Tatyana Turner
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Maryland says more than half of students in the state are not learning in person, on campus.

The state is workshopping possible revisions to its mathematics standards.

Philip Arnold, The Washington Post’s 2021 Teacher of the Year, said the key is letting students apply their learning to real problems that interest them.

  • Eliza Gray
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Denise Lancaster, The Washington Post’s 2021 Principal of the Year, tries to serve the community.

  • Eliza Gray
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The five high-schoolers launched an initiative to help youths overcome educational hurdles.

  • Lillian Reed
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Retired counselor unearths data showing top schools aren’t necessarily better.

Arlington and Alexandria will offer robust, in-house programs for students who remain virtual.

The federal government’s “largest single investment in public education” prompts questions about what to fund.

The Jesuit university said it secured permission for the unusual plan from D.C. authorities.

Students, parents and teachers were pushing the District to invest in more school mental health workers long before the pandemic.

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