Students at Digital Pioneers Academy will probably start in a temporary campus.

Maryland’s largest historically black university also seeks to expand security force.

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Living Classrooms opens a community center at Buzzard Point.

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An author decides New York’s Success Academy is hard on parents but good for students.

Passing rates on reading tests reveal achievement divide across racial and other groups.

Montgomery County Public Schools officials said they found the claims “unsubstantiated.”

The professor, Daniel Povey, posted the termination letter online. It takes effect Aug. 31.

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Eventually, computers will be routine from third grade and beyond.

If they’re in the wrong payment plan, their loan balance might not be erased.

Superintendent Jack Smith’s contract comes up this school year in Montgomery County.

Taylor Dumpson, the first black woman to serve as the school’s student government president, sued Andrew Anglin, founder of neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer.

The Gloucester County, Va., system could appeal the court’s decision.

Disclosure comes after internal review of athletic recruiting at the University of Virginia.

Sausalito allegedly created a segregated school while sending extra money to a charter campus.

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Just like presidential candidates, not all educators like being governed by a stopwatch.

The chancellor vows to improve safety procedures after an alleged sexual assault of a student.

Twelve students are being paid to attend prep classes that traditionally have been the reserve of wealthier families.

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Many students of color and others were not identified for advanced courses, officials say.

An annual education survey also finds public support for teaching Bible studies.

Program in Prince George’s County described as a first in Maryland.

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