‘We need to do more’: Advocates call for greater support amid a widening gap.

State House panel scrutinizes scandal five months after the death of Jordan McNair.

A class-action lawsuit claims students were sexually harassed and groped by former professors in the psychological and brain sciences department at Dartmouth College.

Plenty of historical inaccuracies remain.

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A worldwide survey also found that teachers are paid less than the public thinks they should be -- and a lot more.

Wallace D. Loh has faced challenges in sports since he arrived at College Park in 2010.

Controversial regulation governing campus investigations set for release in coming days.

The HUD secretary's name was put on a Detroit school while the city was being overseen by an emergency financial manager, officials say, instead of going through a more rigorous naming process.

With a new Amazon headquarters anticipated in Northern Virginia, the ground has shifted for technology education in the commonwealth.

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An early-childhood expert writes a primer for parents on raising young kids in the digital age.

Researchers call for an extension of services beyond the age of 18.

Look at how many votes have been counted for California's superintendent of public instruction — and what the totals are for the two candidates.

University leaders say the nation must do more to welcome international students.

Suit asserts that Education Department is failing to implement an Obama-era regulation.

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George Mason University's president weighs in on the nation's decline in new international students.

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It’s part of a broader effort to ensure that transgender and non-binary students feel welcome.

In a photo, more than 40 boys in a rural city are shown with arms stiff and straight.

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The three usually agree, but in this piece, Stanford professor emeritus Darling-Hammond responds to a critical post by Ravitch-Burris post. Read them both.

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“Personal Statement” tells the stories of three remarkable Brooklyn high school seniors who have to find their own way through the college application process and the struggles they face in school and at home. Another documentary film, “Unlikely,” shows us five nontraditional students as they fight to win a second chance at a college degree.

Police investigated allegations at Seneca Valley High. No charges were filed.

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