A Florida district superintendent writes: “As a father of a teenager and tween, I am very concerned about a dangerous trend we have observed in our schools in recent days."

The teacher and another school employee are now facing criminal charges.

The career path to the presidency is changing. So is the nature of the job, with more focus on short-term gains.

City’s inspector general faults Kaya Henderson. But she denies wrongdoing.

“You are safe,” he told a Republican student before striking another person, a witness told a Kentucky newspaper.

The renowned civil rights activist says it's time to stop "invoking" civil rights to bolster school "choice" policies.

In the wake of controversy over Ann Coulter's canceled speech at UC Berkeley, a student at another college writes his opinion about how speech is suppressed on campus

Many are securing settlements that wipe discipline from their records.

Some parents react with shock and anger over incident at Montgomery County school.

How the event departed from the past.

The ruling in the Alabama case lays out a path for the Birmingham suburb to leave a majority-black school system.

Despite the cancellation of conservative commentator Ann Coulter's controversial speech Thursday, Berkeley was bracing for protesters.

Review of D.C. program comes as Trump seeks to spend billions on expanding vouchers nationwide.

Colleges should teach the important writing behaviors first, one at a time, in sequence.

A lawyer writes that Ann Coulter's canceled speech at Berkeley is just the latest example of the threat of violence shutting down controversial speakers at college campuses.

The public university in Indiana says it plans to use the new assets to create a new public outlet for online higher education

'International comparisons should be understood as means of learning about ourselves, not as a baton to bring domestic debates to an anxious crescendo.'

Fannie Mae is offering an opportunity to wipe out student debt through mortgage refinancing, but the option carries as many risks as rewards.

A speech planned for Thursday, possibly in a public plaza on Berkeley's campus, was canceled, as the debate over how to balance free speech and public safety continued.

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