The schools said the loans are needed to keep their employees on payroll during the coronavirus crisis.

Historians say the wholesale rejection of Confederate iconography is unprecedented.

A study found that interruptions waste an equivalent of 10 to 20 school days a year.

Thomas Jefferson High is in the throes of its first real reckoning over racism, student body demographics and the admissions process.

The union has instructed its teachers to not fill out a form indicating whether they planned to return to school buildings.

Reopening details from the county system are expected soon.

A University of Maryland housekeeper was recently hospitalized after contracting the novel coronavirus, union officials said.

The school board approved the plan at a contentious meeting that began at 4 p.m. and lasted past midnight.

The university’s board of trustees says the 28th president’s racist past makes him an “inappropriate namesake.”

“Kind of a scary feeling,” one said. “Not knowing where I’m going to be in two months.”

The police department has held the contract for school security since 2005.

The resistance previews backlash that officials nationwide may encounter as they ask their workforce to return to school hallways.

Campus life will look a lot different at the historically black university in D.C.

Problem is not tests, but our pecking order pride

State education officials denounced the disparities but did not offer new proposals to address them.

The unorthodox approach marks one of the first concrete plans for fall released by schools nationwide.

There are no plans to change the university’s name, leaders said. Former president James Madison was a slave owner.

The plan calls for two days of in-person classes and three days from home.

The chaos of a new pandemic school year could create opportunities for a longer school day.

“Everything is told through a white perspective,” an organizer said.

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