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A year from now, all eyes will be on this often-overlooked university as the vice-presidential debate unfolds on the rural campus.

President Obama has given his 17-year-old daughter Malia some college admissions advice. Like many other fathers, he told her “not to stress too much” about getting into a specific college. Umm, why would Malia, a senior at private Sidwell Friends School who is applying to attend college next fall, stress? Which college wouldn’t take the […]

University presidents typically avoid politics. Macalester College's president argues that some moments,though, compel leaders to speak out.



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In many high-needs schools, board members say the district spends as much as $4,000 more per student.

State spending on corrections has outpaced funding for public education over the last three decades.

DePaul University's admissions chief offers an alternative view on the emergence of an alternative application for elite schools.

The Lilly Endowment's donation is equal to the second-largest in the history of the United Negro College Fund.

Duncan's tenure inspires strong feelings.

Case seen as a test of the District’s ability to govern its budget and affairs.

'The impact of tests, both on a local and state measure have come hammering down on me and many of my special ed colleagues this year. To say that I am enraged/upset/saddened/taken aback is an understatement.'

An organization’s project gathers oral histories of prominent African Americans.

New Vicki Abeles book ignores need for more study in most high schools.

What he actually said throughout the years of his powerful tenure as education secretary.

NEA, nation’s largest labor union, gives nod to Clinton, but dissent grows win the rank-and-file

Advocates hoped to be able to compare student performance across state lines, but that’s still hard to do.

'We don't want to write a detailed curriculum or devise a bunch of rules in advance and then spend the year demanding that kids conform to them.'

Students younger and older, plus one teacher, are remembered for their passions and ambitions.

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Arne Duncan dramatically expanded federal role in education, compelled changes in nation’s public schools.

Education secretary supported student aid and wider access, sought tighter oversight of colleges for results.

A Montgomery County third-grader was accused of saying he wanted to kill a classmate and suspended.

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