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Prince George’s says its graduation rate is the county’s highest on record.

Faculty resolution passed 87 to 3.

Computer system will now calculate scores based on midpoint of letter grade.

A tenured professor was terminated by Mount St. Mary's University, then got a letter which suggests that he is still on the payroll.

A survey given to freshmen at Mount St. Mary's raised concerns for some about ethics and privacy

Some students earn great marks overall -- at or near the top score of 36 -- but are graded in the low 20s for writing.

"Structural Discrimination: The Unequal Opportunity Race" was shown as part of Glen Allen High School's Black History Month program.

The information has since been removed from a publicly available website.

What's true and not true about the great scientist.

President Obama is slated to nominate John B. King Jr. to officially lead the Department of Education, where he has served as acting secretary since the start of the year.

An annual survey of college freshmen finds that nearly one in ten expect to take part in demonstrations this year.

"Usually I can find a work-around for these Hallmark holidays. On Mother’s Day, for instance, I show appreciation for any gifts the kids crafted at school, but I also explain that we don’t need a specific day to say, 'I love you.' But this time, there is no easy escape from the hype. I feel trapped by circumstance."

The president of Mount St. Mary's University defended his tenure at the private college in Maryland in a letter to parents on Wednesday.

Retired UPS executive Calvin E. Tyler and his wife Tina have pledged $5 million to endow a scholarship fund at Morgan State University, the largest individual donation in the history of the school.

Funding issues, charter scandals, a drop in the state's education ranking — and more.

Growing budget deficit -- expected to be $150 million this year -- forces UC-Berkeley to launch a "strategic plan" to assess almost all aspects of the premier public school.

City’s experiments in education reform have been closely watched nationally; changes to take effect next school year.

Landon Labuskes, of Virginia, was one of 12 to ace AP Calculus AB -- out of 302,532 who took the test last year. He was 14.

Protests rise up after professors are fired at Mount St. Mary's University for what some interpreted as dissent from the president's policies

American University study of the D.C. Healthy Schools Act links physical education time to math competency.

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