Undergraduate teacher education programs are approved at more than a dozen colleges.

Federal officials urge universities to counter threat from China of academic espionage.

Students are skipping the pool and beach to expedite undergraduate degrees.

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A few schools are daring to change courses and address fears.

Dajon Duvall is honing his photography and broadcasting skills at American University.

Auditors said deficiencies in the State Department of Education computer system put individuals at risk of identity theft.

Bullying has declined overall in the past decade.

Rising personnel costs and overtime sparked the shortfall, according to city officials.

For the first time, high school students were invited to participate in Johns Hopkins University’s summer course at its Center for Gun Policy and Research.

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Agency’s focus on individual complaints, rather than systemic concerns, helps clear backlog.

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He was rejected by UCLA and USC. He still made something of himself.

The legislation would require some students to be shuttled from Metro stations.

Parents see gains in a fight many hesitated to wage.

‘Boundaries are the third rail,’ said one education activist in Montgomery County, Md.

The state imposed a funding cap on school support staff after the Great Recession.

While Joe Biden has come under attack for opposing busing in the 1970s, the politics around America’s premier school desegregation program have always been complicated.

So they plot their trips, avoiding crowded transit platforms and dangerous encounters.

Their training doesn’t cover it and many textbooks don’t touch it, but teachers are taking on climate change anyway.

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But busing was scarcely mentioned, even as it remains an issue.

“They treated it like a counterfeit scheme,” a student’s grandmother said.

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