The white-nationalist leader plans to speak at a university on Thursday.

As they snake along sidewalks, the kids play I-Spy, Simon Says and sing songs.

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Lees Corner Elementary leads 32-school drive to raise $13,400 for Hurricane Harvey recovery.

Georgetown University forum seeks help for immigrants who arrived as children.

There are some different titles on the list from the previous year. Take a look.

David A. Thomas earned degrees at Yale and Columbia and taught at Harvard. Now he joins Morehouse College, which has had several leadership changes this year.

Some college student athletes and others on campuses echo the protests started by former NFL player Colin Kaepernick when he knelt during the national anthem to protest racial injustice.

Even with federal shifts, advocates say schools and students are dedicated just the same.

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Two teachers show how to fight education’s ed-tech obsession.

Energy-efficient home features composting toilet and greenhouse to harvest heat energy.

The task force, which includes law enforcement in Maryland and the District, has frozen the assets of alleged scammers and obtained temporary restraining orders to bring their operations to a halt.

Prince George’s County made administrative changes to streamline its disciplinary procedures.

And it's not the only time it shows up on the list.

Incident occurred in a Pennsylvania high school.

New federal data on Pell Grants and degrees show disparities in completion rates for top public universities.

The post expressed ‘discontent with recent events in Charlottesville.’

Concerns expressed about the fate of a new math and science academy.

A complaint against the program in Montgomery County involved a student with autism.

"I began my job . . . believing that I was going to transform every child. My fresh graduate-school perspective, cutting-edge pedagogy, and research-based literacy practices were going to bring all of my students up to reading on grade level in a hurry and change the way they felt about education forever. I was in for a rude awakening. "

The end of desegregation policies and the influx of Hispanic students have contributed to the rise in segregation, researchers say.

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