The school system charges $455 per credit, which the group and students argue is too burdensome for some families.

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A math professor says they hold students back. But maybe not.

A federal trial has lifted the curtains on Harvard’s admissions process. Here is what we've learned.

State Republicans, big backers of “school choice,” forced to play defense in fall campaigns.

The schools are fixtures in small-town America, and their demise marks the decline of vibrant communities.

The response was immediate — and incendiary — when people learned that students at the University of Southern Maine had been offered course credit if they joined a bus full of people planning to prote...

The university gynecologist has been accused of sexual misconduct by hundreds of current and former students.

In a letter posted on social media, a former student accused a department chair of assaulting an underage student in 2013.

A woman reportedly confronted two young men she saw stealing from another vehicle, and one jumped into her car and drove away with her 5-year-old son in the back.

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'Teaching stories tend to follow one dedicated hero battling the odds to save her students – usually in spite of all the less heroic adults around her. Or, for humor purposes, they used the inverse of this: an irresponsible train wreck who says inappropriate things to students and has a bottle of tequila in her desk drawer. These portrayals never felt real to me. The teachers I know – myself included – are not so easily typecast.'

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The acting may be great but....

Is the ad accurate?

Bard College will open a school next fall that will allow students to graduate high school with a two-year college associate’s degree.

Internal documents presented in court reveal how admissions counselors rank test scores and also showed apparent preference given to children of alumni and donors.

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She did an interview with the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank in Washington.

State high schools now require students to view a video on what's expected of civilians during a traffic stop before they can graduate.

A professor who was denied tenure at American University sued the school, claiming she was treated unfairly because of her age.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos must implement regulations allowing defrauded students to cancel student debt.

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'Teachers are no longer given the autonomy to practice what endless amounts of research have proven are developmentally appropriate, dynamic ways of measuring student growth and skill mastery. '

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With education a key issue in November's elections, his opponent is a former education chief of the state who opposed Walker policies.

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