They include a Montessori campus, an all-girls high school and a social-justice-themed school.

A pilot of “playful assessment” at two schools seeks to tell whether “maker education” works.

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At some Maryland high schools, you can. Hundreds of students are excessively absent.

For some students, mice, mold and temperature extremes are as common as the three R’s.

Thousands leave with degrees: “This really is a turning point,” former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg tells them.

Monsignor Edward J. Filardi calls Georgetown Visitation’s policy “a dagger to the heart.”

Montel Medley, of Prince George’s County, Md., majored in math and computer science at Towson University.

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As presidential candidates talk about affordability, they should also talk about graduation.

Workers who forfeited raises would get a nearly 25 percent increase over three years.

The campus faces concerns about student safety.

Olivia Paregol’s parents say action by the university could have prevented her death.

Obama-era rules meant to prevent disproportionate discipline of children of color.

Officials at Monument Academy Public Charter School defended the campus.

The Education Department’s inspector general found fewer than 100 emails sent or received by the secretary from private accounts.

Montgomery County educator was placed on administrative leave, authorities said.

John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School will lose its Title I status and the nearly $250,000 attached to it.

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Attempting to adapt, liberal arts schools across the state are taking measures such as adjusting curriculums, adding courses and cutting tuition.

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George Mason University is among the first schools with a program employers hope to expand in the D.C. region and beyond.

The students are trying to erase the stigma attached to talking about reproductive health.

When Rashema Melson first walked across Georgetown University’s campus as a freshman in the fall of 2014, she told herself she was smart enough to be there, had worked hard enough to be there, deserve...

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