Vice president of the Maryland State Board of Education says Hogan’s move to dictate the date school opens does not respect board or local school districts.

The program, a project of the Drug Enforcement Administration and Discovery Education, debuted Tuesday.

"Terps for Trump” said they were told the cost for hosting a controversial speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos, would be thousands of dollars more than they had planned. Milo, and others, criticized the late move as "fee censorship."

Elizabeth Garber-Paul testifies that she has regrets about the retracted article, wishes she had noticed red flags indicating potential problems before it published.

'How much “choice” is enough? How many schools are sustainable given a population of students? What happens when choice exacerbates segregation? Who ensures that separation of church and state is enforced?'

The agreement, struck around 1 a.m., arrived a day after an estimated 600 students walked out of class in support of the food service workers.

The District saw its eighth year of growth in the city’s public schools; charter schools now account for 46 percent of the city’s student enrollment.

Seven-year-old allegedly chewed a pastry into the shape of a gun and aimed at classmates; parents fought disciplinary measure for longer than three years.

National Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes says she sees promise and possibility where others see hopelessness.

Robert J. Zimmer questions some 'safe spaces,' plugs freedom of speech.

Candidates weigh in on the budget, achievement gap, school construction, and language immersion.

Nursing home residents had sought to use D.C. tenant protections to block sale.

They are cause for concern both about the future of teacher education in the United States and the increasing penetration of education policymaking by private interests.

"They've always had our back in the past, so students have increasingly felt that now it's our turn,” said one senior.

U-Va. student testifies she felt pressured to work with reporter, who “skewed” quotes.

Part-time faculty at Ithaca College want people to know why so many of them are fighting for higher wages.

Children in the city’s traditional public schools and public charters are doing better, in part because they’re working alongside one another.

Former magazine writer Sabrina Rubin Erdely described to a federal jury the phone call that made her realize the alleged victim had been lying to her

The Friday night brawl during the game involved at least 20 parents and students and led to one arrest.

The mother of 13-year-old Montravious Thomas plans to file a lawsuit against the Muscogee County School District in Georgia.

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