A new movement has colleges adding second-language sections to courses.

  • Laura Pappano
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Young adults say they’re sometimes neglected by campaigns. That’s a mistake, they insist.

Report highlights the new challenges faced by schools in recruiting overseas.

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A Stanford study showed how a fake video fooled teens, and how they could become savvier.

One polarizing YouTube personality likened the Holocaust to a Cookie Monster baking operation.

Rather than desks and books, this classroom is filled with plum and cherry trees.

  • Gabriel Popkin
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Under the contract, Mundo Verde teachers would get higher pay and more job security.

The central phrase of the impeachment inquiry, they say, is an argument for learning Latin.

Hate symbols at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High were reportedly posted on social media.

The Howard public school system aims to further integrate campuses.

The university and hospital plan to have laboratories on the site of the old Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Toby Macfarlane was the 13th parent sentenced in the Varsity Blues cases.

Montgomery County school officials urged change, as did Muslim parents and advocates.

They want to erase a “stain on the national reputation of Maryland’s higher education.”

The NAACP filed a complaint against the school system.

The number of charter schools grew substantially during the executive director’s tenure.

Officials say a school employee took the papers but won’t reveal the name of the worker.

Students in the District can apply at no cost to dozens of HBCUs through a citywide initiative.

Universities at Shady Grove brings high-tech degree programs to Montgomery County, Md.

In Fairfax County, all 12 winners were backed by the Democratic Party.

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