Trump will propose merging the Education and Labor departments. Here's what that would mean.

“Given the facts at hand, we do not have faith in Secretary Nielsen to live the values of our alma mater or to make any decisions concerning outcomes for children at the border,” it reads.

Martese Johnson filed a federal lawsuit after he was hurt during an arrest by Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control officers in 2015. The two sides agreed to a settlement this week.

Superintendent Alberto Carvalho says he is required by state law to educate all children but federal officials didn't tell him they were there.

The report comes after a school year when there were massive teacher uprisings about low pay.

The decision clarifies a previous ruling in May banning the Education Department from using earnings data to grant student loan forgiveness to Corinthian students.

A Virginia school is the latest Southern institution to reconsider its link to the past.

Candidates raise concerns about school safety, technology, crowding and achievement gap.

PrEP will be included in the school district’s family life education curriculum, which includes lessons on sexual health and sexuality.

Some of the names are teachers from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, where a mass shooter took 17 lives in February 2018. The earliest name on the memorial is from 1867.

Among those dropping AP are Sidwell Friends, Georgetown Day and St. Albans schools.

The girl has filed a complaint against the Winchester school system, saying her education is hampered by a hostile environment.

Senate and House Democrats are accusing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos of exacerbating racial disparities in student debt by stalling loan forgiveness to defrauded borrowers, failing to enforce consumer protections and making minimal effort to exam the root causes of the inequity.

A former first lady delivers a scathing lecture on American history, values and ethics.

'Don’t be so quick to judge another’s behavior as rude, disrespectful, racist, sexist or intolerant. Not every bit of attitude or inattentiveness directed towards you is about you. You simply are not that important to the stranger on the street.'

Principal Alan Goodwin “led us through some very difficult times,” one student said.

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College is fine, but graduates learn much in the military. I know I did.

The episode reflects heightened fears and concerns about disparate treatment of students.

A record number of applications and historically low acceptance rates at many selective universities have shifted the conversation about what it takes to secure a spot on the nation’s most elite campuses. That confusion among applicants is likely to grow with the announcement by the University of Chicago that it will no longer require SAT or ACT scores to admit American students.

Nike announced it was stopping a fashion collection after the U.S. Naval Academy objected to a new logo. The image was too similar to the school's traditional crest, the academy said.

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