The president of Nichols College in Massachusetts argues that there are other options to ease the student debt burden

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Joy has been elevated to a central value at many charter schools.

Thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans lost more than $1 billion in federal education funding that they can never get back. There have been proposals in Congress, but no movement.

Schools in Montgomery County, Md., were 94 percent white five decades ago. Now they are 30 percent Hispanic, 29 percent white, 22 percent black and 14 percent Asian.

Obama went to a D.C. high school to talk up his education record. It's what he didn't say that was most revealing.

The full text of the speech he gave at a D.C. high school.

A student who recorded the lecture in Norman, Oklahoma, said she felt picked on because she's white.

Sabrina Rubin Erdely testified that she believed the student’s account but also failed to reach out to key people.

Is this smart — or overzealous? A school district in Alabama is requiring that all visitors who come to school during the day — including parents and grandparents — must pass a background check and pay $15 to get it. The Pelham City School District had decided over the summer to require background checks for […]

Legislation that would give the District greater oversight of the companies that collect student loan payments is set for a Tuesday vote before the D.C. Council.

A nine-year-old Baltimore boy who creates toys with a 3-D printer suggested to President Obama that he create a kid advisory group. He did.

A new program includes instruction on such issues as privacy, cyberbullying and Internet security.

The Wall Street Journal joins the growing ranks of college rankers, which used to be a field U.S. News and World Report dominated.

A composite ranking shows usual suspects at top, but also some surprises.

While we’re inundated with more college rankings than ever before, it seems that hasn’t made us better consumers.

The mother of 13-year-old Montravious Thomas plans to file a lawsuit against the Muscogee County School District in Georgia.

Twenty-three states are continuing to spend less per student in the 2016-2017 school year than they were in 2008.

The lawyer noted that Nicole Eramo had misgivings about how the “Jackie” case was handled.

Preparing students for their role in a democracy is an essential purpose for schools, says John B. King Jr., Jr.

Contract negotiations affecting 14 Pennsylvania state universities ground to a halt and professors took to picket lines.

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