More than 10,000 students change schools in the middle of the school year in D.C., but not much is known about why they move.

Eighth in a series about winners in the Schools of Opportunities project.

Democrats want more time to ask DeVos questions, Republicans say they already have asked more than 1,000.

Jack Remondi insists Navient has a strong track record of keeping people out of default and enrolling them in affordable repayment plans, despite the constraints of the poorly designed federal student loan program.

It began with naming an International Baccalaureate coordinator who had never taught an IB class.

He didn't say anything like this about any other of the other nominees whose papers he signed.

Was President Trump's inauguration "historical"?

Even groups that support the same causes are opposing her nomination.

Many Democrats have been supporting traditional Republican views of school reform for years.

Sullivan will work through the end of her contract after weathering a tumultuous tenure at the helm of Virginia’s flagship public university.

In his inaugural address, Trump groups public schools with gangs, drugs and rusted-out factories. And he said schools don't teach students anything.

Senate Democrats had wanted the review in hand before this week's confirmation hearings.

Trump famously mocked a reporter with disabilities in 2015.

She didn't bring it up either.

Thomas J. LeBlanc comes to George Washington University after nearly 12 years in South Florida.

Although the most selective colleges and universities in the U.S. enroll fewer than 6 percent of American undergraduates, you might conclude from the angst around admissions every year that very few students are accepted into college in the United States. Not so.

Will students in other classrooms around the country watch?

In the waning hours the president’s tenure, the Education Department published a negative evaluation of its massive investment.

Hope mixes with caution as 2,500 students from around the country anticipate the new administration.

Daily Show, Colbert and Kimmel skewered DeVos for her performance on Capitol Hill.

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