Their Maryland classroom became a courtroom so they could practice legal arguments.

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In the District, mothers and fathers meet to bridge the divide.

Research shows black students shoulder a disproportionate burden of student debt in the U.S.

The billionaire will now also repay the education loans amassed by the parents of 2019 graduates.

The internal report found credible accusations that four teachers abused students between 1975 and 2008.

The Duke-UNC Middle East studies program is accused of having an ideological agenda.

Did John Locke really write that? Scholars said he did.

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Eight minors have medical marijuana licenses in the District.

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Once near collapse, the district in Corbett had to strive just to survive.

The scandal has forced uncomfortable and divisive conversations at MIT and Harvard.

Most Americans prefer magnet schools and other approaches.

It’s the third lawsuit in recent months that went in Fairfax County Public Schools’ favor.

Some students and parents say the Einstein High guidelines unfairly target girls.

The District has an extensive home visit program, but the attendance payoff is uncertain.

At MIT, senior officials sought to ensure donations remained anonymous.

George Washington University’s leader plans to slash undergraduate enrollment 20 percent.

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“The New Colossus” can help the tired, the poor and everybody else learn to read.

System officials pledge reforms in a settlement with the federal government.

The analysis focused on school district data nationwide.

Parents at Capitol Hill Montessori School @ Logan demand transparency.

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