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Are the wealthiest universities the best?

But instead of hurting others, authorities say, 18-year-old Sol Pais killed herself.

Officials in Annapolis, West Point and Colorado Springs are enforcing new Pentagon rules.

The suburban district became a battleground over accommodating students in locker rooms and restrooms.

Decision follows a bitter fight over a name that detractors said was racist.

The lawsuit says warning signs were missed.

A letter to Damascus High School families also said prosecutors are looking into “a culture of assaultive behavior” at the school.

Nelson Horine is The Washington Post’s Principal of the Year.

Kelly Harper is The Washington Post’s Teacher of the Year.

Winners each receive a $7,500 prize.

“Is there a win in this?”: A Capitol Hill family struggles to make a decision that’s right for them and right for their community.

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In some districts, erasing Robert E. Lee’s moniker is clear cut. Others might be less so.

The 25 schools are among 100 near Amazon sites that are receiving the money.

Efforts to create a fund and hold a campuswide referendum on the proposal come amid a fierce national debate on race and historical wrongs.

Omega Psi Phi fraternity at Old Dominion University was suspended for five years.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has said she has no authority to decide whether grant money can be used to arm teachers, and she left the matter to states. But a memo from her agency’s legal counsel says “the Secretary has discretion” to interpret the statute governing the funds.

The agreement came under pressure from the Trump administration.

The image was meant to highlight how the “exaggeration of stereotypes spreads ignorance.”

The Northern Virginia school system failed to report those episodes in earlier years.

Lawmakers in several other states are also proposing measures.

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