The author argues that students today ask administrators to solve their problems.

Critics had sued Mercer County schools, calling the program unconstitutional.

Disadvantaged students complete 11 AP courses each in IDEA public charter schools

Here are 3 ways to start.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed graduates at Harvard University's commencement, and the student newspaper briefly went off the rails.

What his statements and behavior say about the fundamental processes of learning and knowing.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee isn't ruling out forcing James Runcie to testify.

The school says the student broke rules by engaging in intimate sexual activity.

James Runcie's resignation raises questions about tensions between the Trump administration and holdovers from the Obama administration.

Testifying before Congress on Wednesday, the education secretary repeatedly emphasized a return to more local control over schools.

DeVos: States can decide if students with disabilities should get federal legal protections at private schools

Parents have said the D.C. school’s building is in great need of repairs.

The Public Charter School Board also greenlighted an adult education campus.

Enrollment is up in world language courses in Montgomery and Prince George’s

The hundreds of thousands of doctors, lawyers, teachers and social workers on track for a form of student loan forgiveness will not be affected by President Trump's proposal to get rid of the benefit.

A lawsuit alleges the state has violated the terms of its readmission to the Union in 1870.

Trump official calls for a transformation of U.S. schooling and compares defenders of the current system to “flat-earthers.”

The bill requires public school students to use bathrooms corresponding to their biological sex, similar to a bill that drew controversy in North Carolina.

The Education Department and the IRS recently shut down the online tool.

Reston-based Revature puts a new spin on the apprenticeship model.

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