Credit rating agency warns that slashing federal research funding and ending financial support for the arts could hurt the bottom line of colleges and universities.

The former secretary of defense will teach and serve as director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School.

They co-hosted an event at the Air and Space Museum in Washington. Here's what they didn't mention.

After a “no confidence” vote in the chairman of the board of Morehouse College by a quorum of faculty members, a professor writes her opinion about leadership at historically black colleges

Activists see a need for 24-7 access to emergency contraceptives.

“We are trying to create an environment where going to college is what Ballou does,” the principal said.

School district officials declined to say why Cathy Benner was placed on leave.

It was Trump's latest effort to undo major pieces of Obama's legacy.

"I wanted our kids to understand that their view of life is very much shaped by their community and family circumstances, and to deepen their empathy for people whose life experiences are different from their own."

D.C. Public Schools will host an all-girls conference in June and create support groups.

International demand for Canadian schools is rising since Trump took office

Could smaller, better configured schools help more troubled kids learn?

She has visited four schools in only two areas.

Maybe soon, more will want to stay close to home

The president of New York University defends federal research funding

Security under review in Montgomery schools after girl allegedly attacked by 2 classmates.

After exploring its historical ties to the slave trade, Georgetown University will rename two buildings and hold a liturgy of “remembrance, contrition and hope” on campus in April.

Survey and anecdotal data suggest that the president's actions on immigration and travel could hinder academic exchange

The exercise was "led by the students," after they told a substitute teacher it had been approved, school officials said.

A famed Irish writer visits a high-poverty school in Georgia.

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