Georgetown University students allege Nike mistreats workers in their Vietnamese factories. They called on the university to end its licensing agreement with the company.

He warned Pennsylvania against dropping the core, and infuriated public education advocates by saying that public schools “don't understand” that the business community is their “customer” and that “they are “producing a product that may be “defective."

Teachers "are a little freaked out by your nomination to be secretary of education."

She said she wants to give states the freedom to get rid of the Core — but apparently she doesn't know they already have it.

Students call for an end to licensing agreement unless working conditions improve for workers in the company’s Vietnam factory.

In a society where facts don't seem to matter, teachers have new responsibilities.

The problem with all the things they do instead.

The lawsuit claims the former students at Chicago's Marist High School suffered damaged reputations and public scorn for being labeled as racists.

If students treat college like a spectator sport, it’s likely the game will end early for them.

Mayor Muriel E. Bowser urged D.C. Council members to approve Wilson’s nomination on Dec. 20.

Trump has said that the attack was carried out by “a Somali refugee who should not have been in our country.”

The future is uncertain for the Education Department's Office of Civil Rights in a Trump administration.

Finland fell out of the top 10 in math in 2012 on an international exam that compares students in more than 70 countries. In 2015, it did even worse, raising lots of questions.

A look at DeVos by someone who has watched her work.

The list was created by a conservative group and targets professors said to have a “radical agenda."

His six-year-old son was gunned down at school. Then the death threats came, from people who believed a conspiracy theory that the mass shooting was an elaborate hoax.

Students in Montgomery could use devices after dismissal or on buses under a proposed rule change.

The Education Department on Wednesday laid out stringent conditions for its approval of the $1.1 billion sale of Apollo Education Group, owner of the University of Phoenix and Western International University.

American higher education has evolved into a two-tiered separate and unequal system that fuels the intergenerational reproduction of white racial privilege.

Many young Latinos remain scared of his rhetoric and policy promises they feel are targeted at them.

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