Assiniboine and Sioux tribes seek federal investigation.

Superintendents are raising alarms about the impact of shrinking Medicaid.

The State Board of Education gave its approval for bringing in an independent investigator.

Georgetown University scholars say “adultification” robs black girls of their childhood

School-voucher advocates hope the decision is a first step toward ending state bans on using public funds for religious schools.

University officials respond to the Supreme Court's ruling on the travel ban with some relief — and some lingering concern.

“What I’ve learned is, it’s okay to say, ‘You know what, I’m not okay.’ ”

But there’s no evidence that the funding for private schools improves achievement, even as Trump vows to push it nationwide.

It voted in favor of a church preschool's access to public funding.

The private university advised people on its Greenspring campus to shelter in place Monday morning as police investigated a report of an armed person.

We need more full-time instructors, tougher courses and more flexibility on the path to a bachelor's degree.

The national rankings The top 25 schools in the America’s Most Challenging High Schools list, as ranked by The Washington Post’s Jay Mathews. For schools that did not provide an average SAT score, ou...

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One Prince George’s teacher describes it as a “purgatory of a kind I didn’t know existed.”

The national rankings have changed because of a charter network’s erroneous data submission.

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Faulty figures led to incorrect rankings for some IDEA schools on Jay Mathews’s annual list.

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IDEA schools drop several notches on high school list because of incorrect data.

Ruling comes in a case that began in 2005.

The University of Virginia student died this week after 17 months in detention in North Korea.

Nominees include a Johns Hopkins professor and a Baltimore pastor.

A new report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau details consumer complaints flawed payment processing, botched paperwork and inaccurate information from FedLoan Servicing.

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