Northeastern University's president: We need to stop thinking of higher education as a once-in-a-lifetime event and more as a platform for lifelong learning.

Andrew Hamilton wants to limit price hikes at a school that charges $66,000 a year.

A city council member says the city chose to settle with Maria Caya for 'an easy $75,000' rather than risk losing a court battle.

Why are so many students from poor families still not making it through high school?

High school seniors showed no change in performance.

The U-Va. student's deposition, played in open court, shows that she stands by her account to Rolling Stone but has memory loss related to her alleged assault.

Court document shows U-Va. encouraged student to say she had never reported an alleged gang rape to the school; she declined, saying that was untrue.

Harvard's first strike in 33 years ended Wednesday after union workers voted in favor of a new contract

Governor is accused of not respecting members ’authority in his decision to change school opening.

A member of the 2012 men's squad wrote and shared a nine-page report ranking women's soccer recruits' sexual attractiveness, the Harvard Crimson reported.

Teacher absences, for all sorts of reasons, could be having a negative effect on scholastic achievement.

College newspapers offer a lens on what's on students' minds as many anticipate their first opportunity to cast a vote.

The program, a project of the Drug Enforcement Administration and Discovery Education, debuted Tuesday.

"Terps for Trump” said they were told the cost for hosting a controversial speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos, would be thousands of dollars more than they had planned. Milo, and others, criticized the late move as "fee censorship."

Elizabeth Garber-Paul testifies that she has regrets about the retracted article, wishes she had noticed red flags indicating potential problems before it published.

'How much “choice” is enough? How many schools are sustainable given a population of students? What happens when choice exacerbates segregation? Who ensures that separation of church and state is enforced?'

The agreement, struck around 1 a.m., arrived a day after an estimated 600 students walked out of class in support of the food service workers.

The District saw its eighth year of growth in the city’s public schools; charter schools now account for 46 percent of the city’s student enrollment.

Seven-year-old allegedly chewed a pastry into the shape of a gun and aimed at classmates; parents fought disciplinary measure for longer than three years.

National Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes says she sees promise and possibility where others see hopelessness.

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