The feral cat found at a Glen Burnie elementary school. (Anne Arundel County Public Schools)

An animal control officer captured a cat that closed an Anne Arundel County school Tuesday after two second-grade teachers discovered fur and urine inside a supply closet, a spokesmen said.

Two Richard Henry Lee Elementary School teachers contacted animal control around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, and the cat was captured by 9 a.m., said Bob Mosier, a county schools spokesman.

Mosier said students were not inside the Glen Burnie school when teachers made the discovery. He said school officials moved students who were in a classroom near the supply closet to another classroom while an animal control officer worked to capture the feline.

The cat closed Richard Henry Lee Elementary School early Friday. A teacher spotted the cat in her classroom, and animal control officers set four traps over the Labor Day weekend in an attempt to catch it.

Mosier said while there was food inside the traps, there was no food inside the supply closet. An officer captured the cat inside the closet while school was in session Tuesday, he said.

“It’s a shame we had to close school Friday, but what we were doing was in the best interests of our kids,” Mosier said. He said officials feared students could have been scratched or bitten by the animal.

“Our hope is that it can be placed in a home,” added Mosier, who said officials believe it is a tortoiseshell cat.

Animal control officials are monitoring the cat’s progress and will assess the animal to “make an appropriate determination on what to do next,” the school’s principal wrote in a letter to parents.

Robin Catlett, administrator of Anne Arundel County Animal Control, said the female cat was resting Tuesday afternoon while officials gave her time to settle in. Catlett said she was scared when an animal control officer arrived at the school and had no collar or identification.

“She had a rough weekend,” Catlett said of the feline, that the shelter named Stephanie.