Catholic University announced Tuesday that a charitable foundation has pledged $4 million to the university’s school of nursing to fund scholarships for students in financial need.

The donation comes from the Bedford Falls Foundation Charitable Trust, a foundation established by William E. Conway Jr., co-chief executive officer and managing director of the Carlyle Group, and his wife, Joanne.

The grant will be made in $1 million installments over four years. Catholic said the gift will cover tuition, fees and other expenses for selected students who will be encouraged to fill nursing jobs in the Washington region after graduation.

“This very generous grant from William and Joanne Conway’s foundation will affect the lives of thousands of patients,” Patricia McMullen, Catholic’s dean of nursing, said in a statement. “The grant will significantly increase the number of students pursuing a bachelor of science in nursing degree. They will become readily employable professionals qualified to provide quality health care to patients, families, and communities over the course of their careers.”