It has happened in Jamaica, Austria, Howard University and the Congressional offices of Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga).

Now you can add Charles Carroll Middle School in Prince George’s County to the growing list of places where people are grooving in remake videos of Pharrell Williams’s infectious song “Happy.”

Hundreds of students, teachers and administrators smiled for the camera, snapped their fingers and shimmied across the floor in a dance video designed to pay homage to their school.

Principal David Curry said the video, which was part of the school’s Spirit Week, was filmed to show “Charles Carroll in a different light. . . offering the many faces of Charles Carroll.”

Footage was taken while students worked outside on community projects, students played in the band, and students worked on iPads.

The video, which is posted on YouTube, had its major debut at a recent school board meeting.

“This is just so much fun,” Board Chairman Segun Eubanks said. “Think about what so many people say about our kids.”

Eubanks was so happy he was nearly moved to tears.

Before the music begins, there is a lingering shot of the road sign directing drivers to the school and of the outside of the school.

We move into the principal’s office. Curry, who is reading a book, has a CD on his desk. The yellow sticky note says “I would like you to watch the video Happy by Pharrell. Sincerely, Jaenell.”

Cue music.

And Curry can’t help but dance.

On to a classroom, where students are working on their iPads. The clapping begins to erupt. Students are shaking their heads to the beat.

Before heading to the cafeteria, there are a few shots of some phrases written throughout the hallways: “Breakin’ Down Barriers,” “Pathway To Success,” and “You Define Your Own Success.”

Then on to the cafeteria, where a school employee jumps on a table. Students are waving their hands in the air. Others take their turn at breakdancing.

Then it is on to the hallway, which turns into a SoulTrain line.

Curry said he hoped students, staff and anyone who watches the video sees: “We love spending time with each other.”