This is not the biggest problem in the world.

But it still seems fair to point out that it is entirely unfair that some colleges and universities, including those that charge more than $50,000 a year, can’t ensure that kids get a hot shower.

I’m not naming names — yet — but you, schools, know who you are.

Yeah, yeah, college is a right of passage and kids, many of them pampered by their overindulgent helicopter parents, need a splash of cold water to understand that the real world outside the comfort of their lovely homes can be, well, chilling. We’ve all heard this before.

“You’re not going to a university to join a spa; you’re going there to learn so that you can have a fulfilling career,” President Obama told students last year. And if all the amenities of a public university start jacking up the cost of tuition significantly, that’s a problem.”

Is a hot shower an amenity? Even at a public university?

And yeah, yeah, colleges have bigger issues to deal with, such as making sure kids are safe from each other, hurricanes, etc., as well as trying to actually educate their students.

But still.

I’m not suggesting that kids get gourmet meals, and I understand (sort of) how dorm rooms the size of prison cells are sometimes crammed with twice as many kids as they are designed to accommodate, and there’s probably not much that can be done about the noise in packed dorms or the smell of dirty laundry.

But a hot shower. That doesn’t seem like asking too much.

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