The D.C. Public Charter School Board is slated to hear proposals Tuesday and Wednesday evening from eight applicants who are seeking permission to open new charter schools in the fall of 2015.

Two of the eight proposals would establish boarding high schools, including one that would aim to meet the particular needs of children in foster care and another that would connect students with internships on Capitol Hill.

The other proposals include the city’s first Arabic-English dual-language school; a K-8 school targeting students with special needs; two middle schools focused on international education; an adult-ed school meant to help high school dropouts re-enter the path to education and job training; and a privately funded preschool in one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods, seeking to convert into a publicly funded charter.

Agendas for the Tuesday and Wednesday meetings are posted online here, and summaries of each proposal (as well as links to each full application) are available here. The charter board is slated to vote to approve or deny each application on May 19.