The first wave of admission decisions is in for the Class of 2019.

Here are admission rates for the early round at some highly selective schools. We’ll update as we get more data. These are culled from news releases.

For comparison, previously disclosed admission rates for the Class of 2018 are noted in parentheses. Caveat: It’s important to remember that the Class of 2018 data is aggregated: those rates represent offers and applications from both the early and the regular rounds.

Caveat #2: Read admission rates with great caution because data-reporting methods vary from school to school.

One more technical point. “Early decision” means the student commits to attend the college as soon as the college says yes. “Early action” means the student can wait until spring to decide.

Brown University: 617 early decision admissions out of 3,043 applications, 20 percent. (Class of 2018: 9 percent.)

Dartmouth College: 483 early decision admissions out of 1,859 apps, 26 percent. (Class of 2018 rate: 12 percent.)

Duke University: 815 early decision admissions out of 3,180 apps, 26 percent. (Class of 2018: 11 percent.)

Georgetown University: 907 early action offers out of 6,840 apps, 13 percent. (Class of 2018: 17 percent.) Note: Georgetown is the rare school with a lower admission rate for the early round than for the overall cycle.

Harvard University: 977 early action offers, out of 5,919 apps, 17 percent. (Class of 2018: 6 percent)

Johns Hopkins University : 539 early decision admissions out of 1,865 apps, 29 percent. (Class of 2018: 15 percent). Note: JHU had a widely publicized e-mail misstep in which 294 students who had not been admitted were sent erroneous messages welcoming them to the class of 2019.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 625 early action offers, 10 percent admission rate. (Class of 2018: 8 percent.)

Northwestern University: 1,011 early decision admissions out of 2,793 apps, 36 percent. (Class of 2018: 13 percent.)

Princeton University: 767 early action offers out of 3,850 apps, 20 percent. (Class of 2018: 7 percent).

Stanford University: 743 early action offers out of 7,297 apps, 10 percent. (Class of 2018: 5 percent)

University of Pennsylvania: 1,316 early decision admissions out of 5,489 apps, 24 percent (Class of 2018: 10 percent.)

Williams College: 244 early decision admissions out of 593 apps, 41 percent. (Class of 2018 rate: 18 percent.)

Yale University: 753 early action offers. Estimated admission rate: 16 percent. (Class of 2018 rate: 6 percent.)

Following are the initial, aggregated, overall admission rates for the Class of 2018 at some other selective schools:

American University : 46 percent.

Amherst College: 13 percent.

Bowdoin College: 15 percent.

California Institute of Technology: 8 percent.

Carleton College: 23 percent.

Claremont McKenna College: 10 percent.

Colgate University: 26 percent.

College of William and Mary : 33 percent.

Columbia University: 7 percent.

Cornell University: 14 percent.

Davidson College: 21 percent.

Emory University: 26 percent.

George Washington University : 43 percent. Note: GW was the subject of a recent Post story that looked inside the workings of an admissions committee.

Grinnell College: 27 percent.

Hamilton College: 26 percent.

Harvey Mudd College: 14 percent.

Howard University : 35 percent.

James Madison University : 63 percent.

Middlebury College: 17 percent.

Pomona College: 12 percent.

Rice University: 14 percent.

Smith College: 40 percent.

Swarthmore College: 17 percent.

University of Chicago: 8 percent.

University of Maryland : 47 percent. Note: This rate does not include numerous students offered admission starting in the spring semester, a U-Md. initiative that is unusually broad compared to the practice of other schools.

University of Maryland Baltimore County: 58 percent.

University of Notre Dame: 21 percent.

University of Virginia: 29 percent.

Vanderbilt University: 12 percent.

Vassar College: 23 percent.

Virginia Tech: 68 percent.

Washington University in St. Louis: 17 percent.

Washington and Lee University: 18 percent.

Wellesley College: 28 percent.

Wesleyan University: 23 percent.