the district
Charter schools’ share
of market growing

The District’s fast-growing charter schools have the third-highest market share in the nation, enrolling a larger proportion of students than in every city except New Orleans and Detroit, according to a report released Tuesday.

Nationwide, charter school enrollment has grown 80 percent during the past five years, according to the annual market share report, produced by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Growth has been particularly strong in urban areas.

The report is based on data from the 2012-13 school year, when D.C. charter schools enrolled 43 percent of the city’s public school students, sparking questions about the future of the traditional public school system, which closed 13 schools for low enrollment.

The year before, the District tied with Detroit for the second-highest charter-school market share at 41 percent.

Detroit’s charter population has since grown to 51 percent.

In New Orleans, where Hurricane Katrina forced a rebuilding of public education, 79 percent of students are in charters.

Thirty-two cities had a market share of at least 20 percent; meaning that at least one in five students attends a charter.

— Emma Brown

Prince william county
Meeting scheduled to discuss cemetery find

A public meeting is scheduled for Monday to discuss the cemetery discovered on the site of the 12th high school in Prince William County, which is under construction, and how the remains and artifacts should be re-interred.

School officials will report archaeological findings about the site, and community members are invited to ask questions about the discovery.

The cemetery, dating back at least 150 years, was uncovered as land was being cleared for the high school’s sports complex.

The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Edward L. Kelly Leadership Center, 14715 Bristow Rd., in Manassas.

— Michael Alison Chandler

15 million

The number of students estimated would take computer coding lessons online during last week’s “Hour of Code” campaign, which encouraged students to embrace computer science. Six million students in 167 countries tried a tutorial as of midweek, including 4 million from the U.S.