ACT finds gap in college readiness

Heads up, high schools: Your graduates may not be as ready for college as you think they are.

New survey results from the ACT assessment organization, released last week, show a disconnect on the question of college readiness. Eighty-nine percent of high school teachers surveyed said students who finished their classes were well or very well prepared for college.

But 26 percent of college instructors say incoming students are well or very well prepared for first-year courses, the survey found.

The results echoed previous findings in 2009, even though there has been intensive focus on college readiness in recent years.

ACT, based in Iowa City, Iowa, surveys educators about curriculum every three to five years, to help guide its testing programs. The ACT college admissions test is a rival to the College Board’s SAT.

Nick Anderson

Student refuses to stand for pledge

A Damascus High School student says she was harassed for refusing to stand during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tenth-grader Enidris Siurano-Rodriguez said she was sent to the assistant principal’s office on April 4 for not taking part in the pledge, the ACLU of Maryland said.

Siurano-Rodriguez’s biology teacher asked her to stand during the pledge, but the student had been sitting “as a way of showing her disagreement with the United States government policies toward Puerto Rico,” where her family is from, according to the ACLU.

Montgomery County schools spokesman Dana Tofig said students are not required to stand or participate in the pledge.

Lynh Bui