Fairfax County child protective services received more than 2,300 referrals of child abuse in 2013. Soon, youths in the county who need a way to escape harm at home will have a new place to stay.

On April 2, the doors will officially open at the SafeSpot Children’s Advocacy Center located at 3913 Old Lee Highway in Suite 81-C.

The center will provide young victims of sexual and physical abuse a friendly location where they can seek help, according to a statement from SafeSpot. A group of professionals will staff the center to investigate possible cases of trauma and try to ensure protection to abused children. The new center will replace a similar location that closed in 2012 amid budget cuts.

“Children who have been abused need caring adults to help them recognize they are not responsible for the violence in their homes and to help them find ways to grow past their present trauma into healthy adults,” SafeSpot said in a statement announcing the new center. “SafeSpot provides those caring adults who focus on the needs of the child first.”

The group will host a 5K run on April 26 at Lake Fairfax Park in Reston with proceeds of the race to benefit the new center.