While working on the story about Prince George’s Board of Education revising its school naming policy, I came across an interesting story about how an elementary school in Fairfax County got its name about seven years ago.

It all started during a car trip for the Syed family.

Mahmud Syed said he, his wife and three children were traveling to the District along I-66 and talking about a new school being built in their neighborhood.

Syed said he had recently received a letter that a committee was asking for community input.

To pass the time, Syed asked: “Do you have any ideas?’”

The fourth and fifth graders asked: “What kind of name?”

Their father said it should be “something thoughtful. . . maybe national or international.”

Ghalib suggested Coretta Scott King, in honor of the widow of the civil-rights leader.

Aaqib offered Eagle View. His father said his son liked eagles.

Meanwhile, their dad suggested Albert Einstein, the famed physicist.

All of the names by the Syeds were offered on the night of the committee meeting.

The winner, chosen by parents and teachers, was: Eagle View Elementary.

“It’s the king of birds,” Syed said of the group’s decision. “It’s the national bird. Everyone has their own reference when it comes to the eagle.”