It’s not just public schools in Maryland that are eligible to request state waivers for days of instruction lost to the winter’s frequent snow days.

The Maryland State Board of Education passed a separate measure Tuesday that allows private schools in Maryland to request waivers that may help them avoid lengthy weather-related extensions of the school year.

Many schools have some inclement-weather days built into their school-year calendars, but the winter of 2013-2014 left most with more closings than expected. The state measure passed Tuesday may reduce the number of make-up days that schools need.

Maryland requires private schools be open for 170 days of instruction in a school year. Under the measure passed Tuesday, nearly 400 private schools across the state may seek waivers for up to two days of their 170-day school years.

Another measure passed by the state board Tuesday allowed public school systems to seek waivers for up to five days of their 180-day school years.

Maryland state education officials said they would rule on waiver requests quickly, but gave no specific timetable.

State officials said Tuesday that during the winter of Snowmageddon fame in 2009-2010, about 24 percent of private schools requested a waiver.