In remarks at the White House last week, first lady Michelle Obama cited an effort by Fairfax County high school students to promote healthier eating habits.

While announcing a new initiative last Tuesday to curtail junk food marketing in public schools, Obama noted that students from Marshall High School in Fairfax had helped write a song about more nutritious meal choices. Obama said the song, called “wRap,” shows how much students care about what they eat.

Obama then recited her favorite lyrics from the song:

“If I’m gonna help my brain come to fruition, I’m gonna have to feed it quality nutrition. We love the cookies but they’re not sufficient. We need veggies to make our bodies efficient. Roll my chicken in a wrap, don’t jam it in a nugget. Get hyped for healthy snacks; fresh food — we love it.”

The song was made in conjunction with the advocacy group Real Food For Kids and the opening of a new pilot kitchen at Marshall known as the “Statesmen Station,” which provides teens with healthier meal options during lunch. Joanne Hammermaster, executive director of Real Food for Kids, attended the White House event featuring Obama.

“This is a pivotal moment for Fairfax County schools,” said Hammermaster. “Everyone is looking at our county to be a leader in school food reform. Though there are many challenges to creating change in this area, I believe we can work collaboratively for positive results.”