Real Food for Kids - Montgomery is hosting a tasting and judging party for the group’s recipe contest this weekend.

The group of parent activists has been working to improve food served in schools. Last month Real Food for Kids encouraged the Montgomery community to submit healthy school lunch recipes that meet USDA guidelines and cost less than $4 a serving.

“This recipe contest gives MCPS families a real opportunity to demonstrate that it is possible to create a delicious, fresh, whole and nutrient-rich meal that children will eat,” said Lindsey Parsons, one of the group’s founders, in a media release. “It is our hope that the winning recipe will be adopted by MCPS as a healthy school lunch option.”

A panel of judges narrowed the submissions to these five:

**Turkey wrap with mixed vegetables, apple and popcorn from Marina Bowsher.

**Kale, bean and fruit pita pockets from Aura Triana.

**MC Old Bay fish soft whole-grain-corn tacos with tropical fruit salsa; crunchy spinach salad with cilantro lime yogurt dressing; and garden patch quinoa from Diane Ganci.

**Whole-wheat pita bread, hummus, apple; classy kale and brussels sprouts salad from sixth-grader Rebecca Letsinger and Nancy Letsinger.

**Happy bean pancake with mango from fifth-grader Josie James-Le and Cait James.

The tasting is from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, March 18 at Piney Branch Elementary School, 7510 Maple Ave., Takoma Park. It costs $5 per person or $15 per family. Free or discounted entry is available for families who qualify for free and reduced price lunch.

Parents and kids will vote for their favorite recipe at the tasting, but only the students’ votes will count toward deciding whether it could be added to the county’s official lunch menu.

Marla Caplon, director of food and nutrition services for Montgomery schools, will be at the event.

The tasting is for members of Real Food for Kids - Montgomery, which families can join by e-mailing