Montgomery school leaders have decided to postpone action on proposed changes to the district’s policy that governs student transfers from one school to another.

A school board committee voted this week to recommend further study of the issue, following a public comment period that raised new issues and amplified community concerns. More than 200 comments poured in, officials said.

One goal of the suggested policy changes was to help relieve overcrowding at high schools. Montgomery also has seen a spike in requests in recent years.

The proposed changes would have affected students as they progressed from special middle school programs to high school. The changes also would have addressed issues involving siblings and requirements related to athletic participation.

Board Member Patricia O’Neill, chair of the Policy Management Committee, said Friday that a major concern was a need for consistency with special programs at middle schools -- and how and when high school transfer requests are needed.

“There seems to be confusion and a lack of consistency and clarity,” she said. As the committee looked more closely at the issue, she said, it became clear that “we pulled a thread and it unraveled a larger area of the sweater than we thought.”

The issue is expected to be considered by the policy committee again in spring of 2014. Any changes would take effect no earlier than the 2015 transfer season.

School officials said that for now they will more tightly enforce April 1 deadline for transfer applications.